• "Look at the the sea, Chris, It's beautiful isn't it?" Father questioned.
    "Sure is," I replied, as I hopped off the antique stool.
    I heard a strange beeping noise, followed by a large banging noise. That was the last thing I heard before waking up on the bow of the boat. I heard screaming, and smelled smoke. I felt a rough mans hand scoop me up, then I blacked out again.
    When I awoke all the screaming was gone, and all I heard was a mans soft humming riding along with the ocean waves. I noticed I was on a lifeboat, and that it was day.
    I instantly questioned, "Who are you?"
    "The man that saved your life," his deep, but soft, voice answered.
    "Where is my father?" I asked.
    "Dead, most likely," He pointed out, blankly.
    I felt no tears. None at all. Only a slight feeling of uneasiness as I began to stand. I began to slip when I fell, but his rough hands saved me. I stared at him for a second, studying him. He was a old white man, somewhere in his late 50's, that had large muscles. It seemed he has been war torn.
    It was silent for a while, just the sound of the ocean rocking the boat. I wondered...
    "Where are we?" I asked.
    "Off the coast of Virginia, shouldn't be long till we are found." He answered.
    "You don't talk much do you?" I asked while sitting up.
    "No more than I have to." He said, his bluntness was annoying me.
    The breeze then picked up to a gust. This can not be good. It was almost pitch black right now. I figured I should just try to sleep through the soon to be storm. So I did.