• PREVIOUSLY... Last paragraph of previous story:

    I instinctively remember a clothing shop for girls on the opposite side of the street, but walking straight in there wasn't an option.
    I was an outcast, easily recognized. I could remember when I was all over the news: "Theif steals gold and says she's innocent"
    One false move and I'd be back in jail all over again.

    I Was Betrayed (III)

    "Where are you?"
    My Mother's voice pellting through the phone line. I was stood on that same street as I was in the last part of the story, but this time in a phone box, my Mother arrived home eight weeks after I was arrested. Dad told her about what had happened, but he was a lazy slob that couldn't do a thing about it.
    "I honestly don't know!" I screamed back, "The same street as that betraying boyfriend took me the day before they took me away"
    "So he started all this?! It was his gold, not yours?"
    "Yes..." My voice trailed off.
    "Righto, I'm calling the police"
    "No, please don't!" I pleaded, "I'll be taken away all over again!"
    "Oh no you won't," She announced, "I'll take care of everthing" Then she hung up. What was I going to do? I had to find a way of stopping her. Yeah, I'll change my name, write up a fake ID, and get a nice home and job somewhere else... Somewhere exotic maybe? Ohhh... My childhood dream... To live somewhere exotic...

    That's it! Cindy! She'll help me. When I last saw her, she knew everything to do with fake IDs and fake credit cards. Perfect! She used to live on the next street down, I wonder if she still does? Oh, well, let's hope she does!
    "Cindy! Hey, it's me!" I banged on the door.
    She opened the door and her faced turned white.
    "Let ya go, did 'ey?" She questioned.
    "Nah, legged it, fast" I admitted, expecting something bad in return.
    "Goodie for you, I've done it loads" She shrugged.
    Gosh, I was dealing with a criminal! Well, according to the outside world, I was too. She ushered my in and shut the door as quick as lightning.
    "Sorry," she said, "But I don't want them seein' meh, they don't even know I live here yet... I hope ya haven' blown ma cova!"
    "No problem, and yes I hope I haven't blown your cover"
    "So," she said, "What is it ya wantin'?"
    "I need a fake ID and Credit Card, I thought you might be able to help?"
    "Sure! But... It'll cost ya" She was looking grim.
    "What, name it" I replied.
    "Money, or some of that nice big bits o' ya gold" She sniggered, her face looked greedy.
    "I told you before, it's not mine, it was that betraying boyfriend's gold" I stared at her with a seriously mad expression.
    She backed off a little.
    "Look," I said, "We'll go and see if the gold's still there, and if it is, you can have half of the amount--- I need the rest to get me to an island where there's food and no cops sniffing around" I was a little less tense with her now.
    "Deal" She agreed. We shook hands and the deal was on.

    We waited until the cover of darkness and we crept slowly into the alleyway and through the passagways. It felt rather disturbing going back there again.
    I was very lucky because the gold remained. Either that, or my ex was up to his old tricks again. It was quite obvious because we could smell a heavy amount of perfume in the room. Whatever was going on, the gold was now ours and we could do whatever we wanted with it. We counted how many bricks of gold where there. About 640 huge bricks, a little less than last time, but he was probably spending them on a new girlfriend or whatever. Cindy had brought with her several black bags and we filled them to the brim with gold. We took every single last one of them!

    Back at Cindy's house we shared out the gold equally and went to get some sleep. Tomorrow, Cindy would make me a fake ID and Credit Card to get me on my journey. By the time they would have worked out that the card and ID was fake, I'd be long gone and nowhere to be found...