Smoke filled the air with a wretched stench of burned wood and burned flesh. Fire still burned in the ashes eating away what was left of the little house and farm. Rain started to drip down from the sky as if the earth itself was mourning the lost of a life. The fields of crops torn away and broken before the harvest time. Laundry still hung up on the line drying, yet to become wet again from the rain.
    A man stood inbetween two horses. A boy astride one of the horses. The boy looked no more than five years old, with brown hair and blue eyes. But yet the boy was holding a knife and looking around for any signs of danger.
    The man looked barely in his mid-twenties, yet his smart black hair was already graying in some areas. The man was tall and had broad shoulders. He wore a long black cloak to cover himself from the rain. It was obvious that he was carrying a sword.
    The man took a few steps toward the wet ashes of the what was left.
    "We are to late," said the young boy in a choked voice. Obviously tears welded in his eyes but refused to let them out.
    "Cry all you want my apprentice, for this will be not the last of innocent people you will see that dies." said the man as he turned around to climb back on his horse.
    The man stopped dead and turned around back to the ashes.
    "Did you hear that?" he said.
    "Here what?" the boy queried and as he tried to strain to hear it.
    There was a small sound, and then again. The sound was weak and hard to heal but they could make out the human voice of help. The man and the boy looked at each other for a moment and then there was small scramble for the boy to get down. The man help the boy down to the ground and they both took off running to the cry.
    The man was taller and had longer legs so he was faster than the boy, but the boy soon catched up with the man as the man nealed by a bloody body.
    The body belonged to a young women no more than twenty years old. Her breathing was light, and she was hold a bumdle of blankets, holding the bundle tight to her chest. Her body was burned and long bloody gashes covered her body.
    The man gently lifted the women into his arms. "Don't worry, we won't hurt you like 'they' did." the man had said when the women noticed them and clutched her bundle more tightly.
    "Help," she cried in pain. stetching her arms out for the boy to take the small bundle. The bundle was a baby, yet to finish it's first year of life. The baby was sound asleep in the warm blankets.
    "Help my daughter, for she is the 'one' who they seek," the young women said in a whisper. "protect her."
    The boy gently took the baby girl in his hands. He looked down at the baby for a few moments.
    "What is her name?" the boy asked.
    "Serafina," the women said with a struggle.
    In the man's arms the women shuddered in some breathing and her body soon became limp. The women was dead. The man bowed his head and gave a silent lifting prayer. Then he layed the body on the ground peacefully and turn to the boy to take the baby.
    "What are we gonna do?" said the boy.
    "This world is far to unsafe for this one, if what the women said was true and if this baby is the 'Chosen one' then she will be in far to much danger. They will still be searching for the baby. We must hurry before they come back. We must hide her some where were she will be safe." the man said.
    "But where will we take her?" asked the boy.
    The man thought for a few moments.
    "Follow me my young apprentice," the man finally said.