• Why is every little girl and boy scared of the dark? The dark is just a potential accident waiting to happen. A calming gesture to lull you into a deep, calming sleep. No one knows the real reason for night, or to think about it darkness itself. No one except me. I am the ruler of dark. Of night, and every thing that has to do with it. I am the ruler of a part of time. Time itself is powerful. But to think of someone being the ruler of it other than me made my skin prickle. Why, you may ask, am I so obsessed with the dark. My obsession is shared with a lot of people. The Goth, for example shares a similar passion of night. No not the same but close. I am a kind of my own, a new species. A bug that never has been discovered, a new kind of plant. Yes, that sounds right. A new species, a ruler of time , and of course, death. Because of course you know that night lets death in. But if you don't that is a simple problem that can be fixed at once. Now night is a sort of passage between life and death. Both life and death can pass through. When life comes through, the person will become a peaceful soul. But if death passes through, the soul will become a spirit, a bad one at the least. Now if Death itself came out , which it does, humans will become souls. Nowhere in the world can you escape death, except of course The Unknown. The Unknown is a place that nobody has discovered.; I don't even know where it is. But I shall discover it soon.

    Soon I felt a swift breeze. I turn around, looking to my left; then my right. But I saw nothing but a red car. I looked around; the sun was about to set. Night crawled over the earth. I heard a twig snap behind a hedge. "Who's there?" I asked. A smooth voice said, " It's me, Angelica. Who are you?" "I'm Natasha. Natasha Kettering.What are you doing?Are you following me? Show your self!" I said nervous of what Angelica might say or do. "I am simply taking a mid-night walk. And no I am not following you. Now that we were introduced. why don't I explain why am here. I am Angelica Warfare, a secret agent for D.E.A.T.H. Inc. I am on a special mission." "W-what is t-the m-mission?" I asked nervous of what her response was going to be. Angelica showed herself. She was a tall skinny teenager with a look that told you not to get her angry. She had long blond hair pulled back in a braid down to her waist. To me she was like a giant. I was a tall skinny teenager with a shy look that made me look weak. I had long wavy hair that was always down. Then suddenly she spoke." My mission is to capture you."