• They jumped. Heather felt stupid. She said she trusted the Mad Hatter, and now he's lead her to certain death. She closed her eyes and braced for impact. They landed with a splash. At the bottom of the city, there was no asphalt, just water. "Are you stupid? I thought we would die." she shouted. "Well I wouldn't have let you do I it if it were dangerous." Hatter replied. The three of them stayed in the water for a while. "I'm sorry but as I am a cat I do not like water so if we could get out of here, that would be great." said the cat. For fear of losing Cheshire, Heather put him in her hood while she and the Hatter swam. "There. We can climb up there." Hatter said. There was a small ledge leading out of the water. As they got closer, they heard "Oh dear this is not good." They climbed the ledge and saw a white rabbit. "Rabbit calm down." the Hater told him. "This is insane and not real." Heather complained. She was still stuck on the theory that she hit her head very hard. "Look at me," Hatter said "this is all real." He took out a small pocket knife and gently stabbed Heather's finger. It bled. "Tell me that this isn't real now." Hatter told her. He seemed to be annoyed. Not by Heather, but by the knights. "What's going on?" Heather asked. "First, how about that name?" Hatter replied with another question.

    The group, now with the white rabbit, walked along the bottom of the city. "So the Black King thinks he rules Wonderland?" Heather asked. "That's right Heather. We think you may be the only one who can stop him." Hatter had brought up the topic of saving Wonderland, which surprised Heather. As she was about to reply, Heather heard something. A voice. Two to be exact. "There they are!" shouted one of them. The knights. "Not again." Hatter said. Why were they on his tail? The rabbit would not stay in the group for long. "Heather catch." Hatter shouted as he threw her a metal pipe. Heather caught it and attempted to fight of the knights. She hit one of the knights and he fell into the water. He pulled Heather down with him, but she got away from his grasp and back up onto the ground. The other ran towards Hatter, sword drawn. Hatter slammed his fist into the knights chest plate. It fell down with a thud. They hadn't realized until it was to late, but the rabbit had been stabbed. "Poor bugger. Never had a chance." Hatter said. He didn't seem sad at all. "How can you be so heartless?" Heather shouted. "Heather, I realize he's dead but-" Hatter replied but was soon interrupted. "But there is no but. He's dead! And you don't care. Just get me out of here." Heather shouted. They continued to walk. The cat stared at Hatter and said "Smooth smart guy." "Oh shut up you lousy, mangy cat." Hatter told it. Not only was Heather mad at him, but he was mad at himself. "Well, we had a good run, but I must be going my own way." the cat told them. He turned around and trotted along the road. Hatter caught up with Heather. He had felt strange inside. "If you don't want me to help you, then I can go." he told her. She gave no reply. He guessed that meant that she didn't want him to help her. As he turned around, Heather said "Wait Hatter. You and I both know that we have feelings for each other." This caught Hatter off guard. He walked over to her. "You're right." he said as he leaned closer to her. "I do have feelings for you." He leaned in closer.