• "Class, we have a new student." Ms. Okita announced. She turned to me. "Joni, come on in." She said. I walked into the big classroom. "Hi, I'm... Joni. Joni Brooks." I half-whispered. "Joni, go take a seat next to Karrie." Ms. Okita instructed. I walked to the empty desk, grasping my stuff.

    After I settled in, it was Thai class time. I had looked on my schedule. I didn't really like speaking Thai, so I decided to hide in the girls' bathroom. The girl Ms. Okita mentioned, Karrie, walked up to me just as I was about to leave. I pretended not to see her. Actually, I couldn't. Teenagers were pushing themselves out the door to get to Thai class. I thrusted my self out the door forwards.

    "Hey! Where are you going?" Karrie asked me. "To the bathroom." I said. She threw her head back and howled with laughter. "The bathroom is the other way!" She wheezed. "What's so funny? I'm new!" I defended myself. Karrie frowned and starting walking upstairs to the Thai teachers classroom. I ran to the bathroom.

    * * *

    I stared into the bathroom mirror. I had navy blue hair to my shoulders, emerald eyes, a pale, thin frame, and coral pink lips. I was wearing a black bra, a long-sleeved grey shirt with a broken red heart on it and black stripes, black stretchy mini shorts, black converse with no socks, and black underwear. I wasn't that appealing.

    I went to hide in a stall. One other girl was in the bathroom. She was in a stall next to me. I heard her mumbling to herself. She doesn't seem too happy, either. I wanted to figure out what was wrong, so I read her mind.

    I can't believe my boyfriend broke up with me! I'm the one who payed his bills! He loved me! I'm so glad he's a sophmore and I'm a junior! She thought. I stopped for a minute. I'm a sophmore. Maybe he was one of the teens in my class!

    * * *

    It was finally Lunch time. As I got out of the bathroom that now smelled like hand soap, I saw Karrie running down the stairs and hugging me. She was crying. "Whoa, whoa, Karrie. What's wrong?!" I asked. She spoke in a muffled voice. "My boyfriend cheated on me!" She screamed, though pronouncing every syllable slowly. Her brown hair that was to her waist clung around me. She turned her head torwards me and opened her hazel eyes. They were misty because she was crying.