• To love is to be loved, but what if that is shared by another? What if I don't want to my love with more than one? How can I keep them both by myside if I don't and can't share the one I love? How, someone please answer help me find this answer.

    Ugh. Another boring day at school, but atleast Tsukiko is always here by myside and keeping my spirits up. Hi, my name is Mizuki Hoshino. I am seventeen and slim with hazel eyes and blue, ocean blue, hair. My friend since I was seven is Tsukiko Minomoto. She is slim and tall most of that is her leg, though. She's seventeen with white blonde hair, kinda like the color of the moonlight on water. Her eyes are a cat green with little flecks of gold.
    " Hey, how are you doing in Algebra? Do you still need my help?" Tsukiko said sitting on my lap. She does this all the time and I really don't mind.
    " Nah, I'm doing alright in it now. My grade is now a B-. Oh, look there is Night Cross! Preistess, he's shirtless, again!" I said hiding behind Tsukiko's hair as I gawked out at him.
    Okay, Night Cross is the hottest guy at our school. He's a tall, slim, but muscular seventeen year old boy. His hair is blacker than the night without the moon and stars. His eyes are amber yellow. And I've been crushing on him for three years.
    " Yeah, he's alright. But what about Nakaji Taboushi? I mean atleast he hangs with everyday." Tsukiko said looking away. Okay that's weird she normally doesn't look away from me when she talks to me.
    " You okay?" I asked looking at her.
    " I'm going back to class okay. I'll see you after school."
    with that Tsukiko ran back to the school building.