• Cindy padded silently into the living room. She had heard a noise and had gone to investigate. She started to scan the room.
    "Wait up, Sissy!" her younger sister, Maggie, exclaimed. Cindy shot her a dirty look.
    "Go back to bed, Maggie," Cindy whispered. "There's an unwanted guest in the house." Maggie shrieked and Cindy immediately covered her mouth with her hand. "go back to bed. Go! Go!"
    "Alright, Sissy," Maggie looked at the floor and trudged towards the stairs slowly. Caleb, Cindy's older brother, ran down the stairs. Caleb grabbed Maggie's hand and gestured to Cindy.
    "I'll take Maggie upstairs,you go back to bed," Caleb started to climb up the stairs.
    "There's an intruder in the house, Caleb." Cindy exclaimed as she grabbed his arm.
    "She's right, folks," a voice laughed deeply. The piano in the living room played.
    Cindy started to run towards the music, but Caleb grabbed her arm. She yanked her arm out of his grip and ran into the living room.
    The man turned around and Cindy backed away from him very slowly. He had a right hook instead of a right hand and he wore a suit and glowed green.
    "The name's Pierre, MAD Pierre," The man smiled a toothless smile and bowed.
    "I lost my right hand when I worked at Diego's Restaurant. A butcher's knife fell on it." Cindy cringed and backed away faster. "I died of disease the same day." Cindy looked behind her to see Caleb motioning to run.
    "Hey, let go of me!" Cindy hissed as she kicked Pierre in the shins. She ran behind Caleb still gawking at the evil man.
    "I hope this blows over soon," Cindy gasped.
    "This is going to end sooner than you think, Doll face," Pierre laughed. "This is all a dream." The children looked at him like the mad man he was. "That noise you investigated was the phone."
    Cindy rolled off the couch and woke up. She glanced at the clock and found out it was six in the AM.
    "I mines well get some coffee while I'm up," Cindy looked around the room remembering the nightmare she just had. She noticed a note sitting on the piano bench.
    she ran over to the piano and read the note written in red ink. "Mad Pierre?" she read. A hook sat on the top of the piano. "A hook?"
    "Good morning, Cindy," Caleb entered the kitchen. "You're up earlier than usual today." Cindy hid the hook and the note in her robe pocket and got her coffee. Was it a dream or reality?