• The teacher wrote down the notes on the board. "Alright. I would like you to right these down and then get started on your home work." He orders still writing everything down.
    I took out a pencil and started copying what he wanted down.
    He looked at me and smiled. "You." He says pointing his long finger in my direction.
    I look up and blush. "Yes, sir?"
    He grinned and leaned down, only inches from my face. "After class meet me in the library." He orders putting his finger on my nose.
    I swallowed and nodded. "Yes, Mister Ishi."
    Students in the class looked at me strange and began to ponder why the teacher would act in such a way with one of his students.
    I slouched.
    He chuckled and stood up straight. "Does anyone have any questions?"
    Sure... I let the teacher kiss me once and he thinks he can do what ever he wants with me.
    Well... Actually I sort of just froze up and didnt know how to react. So I just sort of sat there for a few seconds.
    He pulled away and smiled. "Did you enjoy that?" He asked.
    I swallowed and my face went blood red. "Uhm..."
    He chuckled and put his hand on my cheek. "Its okay. I dont mind if you think it was horrible for a first kiss or anything. I understand." He says calmly.
    I nodded.
    Its true. He had stollen my first kiss. Not that I wanted it back or anything, but he could have warned me he was going to kiss me suddenly like that or something... Its just rude to catch someone off guard in such a shocking way...
    But back in the present he was now constantly glancing at me and smiling.
    I would just blush and pretend I was focusing on my work more then anything else. Which I wasnt. I was glancing at him too.
    I couldnt help it. Forgive me, but it was just too hard not to look at him for some reason...
    When he walked over near me he got this odd smile on his face and bent down, pretending to help me out.
    He pushed the hair out of my eyes and chuckled. "You really shouldnt hide your face like that." He said reffering to my hair, that I had grown long so it would linger in front of my face, hiding me from the world almost. Well, thats what I thought anyway...
    I blushed and nodded. "I'm sorry."
    He grinned put his hand on mine. "Dont apologize. I understand why you would want to hide from society. You dont like being the center of attention. And I get it. I used to have my hair covering one of my eyes when I was your age. Hell, I got tattoos all over me too. And I got my tongue peirced on both sides as well." He said sticking out his tongue.
    No one in the room was paying attention because they were all talking to each other and socializing. And I never was. I dont have any friends... Well I have one... But she's just a girl I tutor after school sometimes when she's having trouble with her work. So she doesnt count, I guess.
    I looked at him. "Really?"
    He nodded and started to pull his sleeve up.
    Yeah... He was always wearing long sleeved shirts all year. So I guess I would have never noticed he had any tattoos...
    A long tattoo that went all around his arm that was a wire of barbes that looked like they were cutting into his skin, with fake blood running all the way down them, and near his wrist spelt 'G.R.O.A.N.'
    I cocked an eyebrow at it. "Whats... that?" I ask poking the letters.
    He laughed. "Oh. That?" He grinned. "Go. Rock. Out. All. Night." He says blushing alittle.
    I smirked. "Very creative."
    He laughed again. "Shut it."
    I chuckled. "I'm serious. I would have never thought of 'GROAN'."
    He grinned and covered his arm with his sleeve. "Yeah, yeah. I know. I was an idiot when I was younger. Laugh it up."
    I shook my head. "Whats there to laugh about? I think its very creative and bold of you to act out like that. Especially seeing that your a teacher now."
    He nodded. "Yeah. That is very bold of me, huh?"
    I nodded. "Mm hm."
    "You wont just use me to get good grades will you?" He asks with misery in his eyes.
    I shook my head. "Of course not." I say seriously. I hadnt even thought about using him for good grades. I dont need to, actually... I'm smart enough to keep my grades up on my own.
    He smiled and patted my head. "Good."
    I'm sure for the people around, because they cant hear our conversation, are just think he's teaching me something I didnt understand.
    "So... Why do you want me to meet you in the library?" I ask blushing.
    He grinned and stood up straight. "You'll have to figure that out on your own."

    I walked into the library and saw that no one was around. "Mister Ishi?" I say setting my things down on a near by table.
    It was the end of the day, and I was happy knowing that once I was done doing what ever it is Ishi wanted me here for, I could go home and relax.
    Thank god its Friday...
    The sound of book slapping shut made me jump. I spun around and saw Mister Ishi behind me. A grin spread across his lips.
    "Your late." He says leaning forward, only inches from my face.
    I blushed and looked away. "Uh... Yeah... I had to stop and talk with this girl-."
    Mister Ishi suddenly put his hand on my neck firmly. "Do you like her? Does she like you? Whats your relationship with her?" He hisses.
    I swallowed and looked up at him in fear. "I-I'm just her tutor for this semester. I havent even been over to her house. I dont even know her favorite band or anything. I swear."
    He glared at me. "You dont need to know those things to like someone."
    I was getting alittle scared of him, I took a step back and crashed into the table. "Ah!" I gasp trying to get around it.
    He seemed like a predator stalking me as he followed me walking backwards away from him. "Well?"
    "I dont like her!" I shout trying to act brave.
    He narrowed his eyes at me. "You dont?"
    I shook my head and almost stumbled and fell as my feet got caught on each other. "No!" I say looking behind me, checking to see if I'll trip over anything else.
    He smirked. "Are you sure?"
    I nodded. "I'm possitive." I say looking at him.
    He put his hand on my hip and his eyes warmed and relaxed. "You promise?"
    I nodded and stopped walking backwards. "Yes."
    He grinned and kissed me softly.
    I blushed like a little girl and froze up again.
    What the hell?
    He pulled away and chuckled. "Are you okay? Your blushing rather intensly."
    I nodded and started to breath again. "Oh... Yeah. I'm sorry. I just freeze up for some reason every time you-."
    He kissed me again and ran his tongue under my bottom lip.
    I shivered and felt my whole body get hot.
    He pulled away again. "Did that help at all?"
    I shook my head.
    "This is going to be fun, teaching you to kiss me back I mean." He grinned.
    I blushed deeper and took his hand in mine. "Just let me breath in the process, okay?"
    He nodded and threw the book down. "Of course." He says putting his now free hand on my neck and drawing my face closer to his.
    Kiss him back...
    Kiss him back...
    Kiss him back...
    Let that be my new goal for today.
    Just kiss him back and he wont be able to complain about it anymore. Thats all.
    His lips went against mine and he looked into my eyes for a response.
    I pushed my face harder against his and pouted my lips, kissing him back... In a way.
    He smirked against my lips and ran his fingers through my hair.
    I closed my eyes and kissed him back for real this time. Letting myself act in way it never has before, allowing some sort of animal to break out of its cage and start to dominate everyone around me.
    He made a panting groan as I realized I been raising my leg up between his legs.
    My face went red and I hesitated going any farther.
    He pulled away and had exhuastion in his eyes. "No... Do it again. I beg of you. Please." He panted.
    I kissed him and brought my leg up again.
    He groaned and broke the kiss, hanging his head.
    I smiled and put my hand on his cheeks, forcing him to look at me again. I kissed him and caused him to take a step back.
    He smiled back and put his hand on my chin.
    Running my fingers through his hair I noticed how soft and well kept together he was.
    He pulled away from the kiss and smiled. "Whats gotten into you?"
    I shrugged. "I dont know... I just thought you would like it if I acted like this."
    He laughed and kissed my forehead. "I would like you no matter what you do."
    I swallowed and looked at the floor in embaressment for some reason.
    He hugged me tightly. "I'm sorry for startling you like this so much, Sayomi."
    I nodded and hugged him back. "Its okay."
    He chuckled and took in a deep breath.
    "So, is this what you want me here for?" I ask raising an eyebrow.
    He stiffened. "If I say yes, will it be a let down?"
    I shook my head. "No, I'm just curious."
    What if he really just wanted to make out with me all this time? A chill went through my body. Does that mean that sensei really likes me?
    He sighed. "No. I needed help grading papers."
    I pulled away and glared at him. "Grading papers?"
    A drop of sweat ran down his temple and he scratched his neck. "Ah. Yeah. Sorry to have made you think I had to brought you here just to... fool around." He said sheepishly.
    I sighed. "No. Its fine."

    After one and half hours later we were done.
    I leaned back in my chair and took in a deep breath. "Finally!" I smile.
    Mister Ishi laughed and nodded. "I know. I would have never finished grading them without your help, Sayomi."
    I blushed and salluted him with two fingers. "Your welcome."
    He grinned and leaned into me.
    I looked at him to see what was with his sudden odd movement.
    He took me by surprise again.
    Our lips locked together again.
    He smiled against mine and put his hand on my neck.
    I blushed madly and felt a warmth spread over me.
    His tongue ran over my bottom lip.
    Maybe he's asking if he put his tongue in my mouth.
    I parted my lips, trying it out.
    He noticed and grinned.
    I jumped when I felt his warm tongue sliding into me smoothly.
    His tongue felt over the roof of my mouth, making me want to start laughing because I'm terribly ticklish.
    Instead I stood up straight and turned to face him, trying to over power him.
    He grinned and massaged over my tongue.
    I groaned, standing up, then sitting in his lap.
    He chuckled and put his hand on my hips. "What is it with you changing like that all of a sudden?"
    I shrugged and kissed him roughly.
    Sensei Ishi moaned and started to take off my shirt.
    Maybe we shouldnt be moving this fast...
    I didnt think for a second that thought again. I didnt care. If he wanted me, he could have me. Just as long as he touched me, like he actually liked me or something. I was a whore that way I guess...
    "Have you ever done this before?" He asks panting after I break the kiss and start kissing along his chin.
    I shook my head. "Nope. And I have no idea what I'm doing."
    He laughed. "Perfect."