• “Aurora!” Brook’s voice carried across the hall as Aurora picked up speed. “You cannot forsake me! You cannot Forsake us!” he began to follow her. Her human paces were nothing in comparison to his long vampire strides. Ayla and Helen were waiting where Aurora and Brook had just scurried from and were watching them attentively. Once Brook caught up to her he grabbed for her wrist and turned her toward him.

    “Because doing so will take you to a path only of regret.” He hissed holding her close to him and she winced trying to get her face away from his only to open up a space for him to slip in and latch on to her neck. Her face went blank as he drained her of her precious life blood before he stopped and slit his own neck and pressed her lips to his throat. She gasped as he pressed her closer forcing her to suck from his neck. She was hesitant at first before Ayla and Helen approached them.

    “Don’t resist it.” He growled. "You will be one of us, you will have power you have never had before. Just think, power, money, affluence, all yours!"