• Before she could reach her horse she felt a sharp pain in her back. She fell down to her knees. Her breathe's coming in short gasps. She looked behind her afraid of what she might see. The men ran towards her and yanked her arms behind her back. She felt them tye her hands together with the rough rope. Her wrists fell into pain with the rope digging into her skin. She could feel the blood slowly dripping down her fingers and onto the ground. They pushed her forward. She stumbled the way back to there camp. She could hear the magician laughing. She put a scowl to her face as they pushed through the trees into the clearing. She could feel all the eyes tearing into her skin. But she only looked at one person...her love. Her lips mouthed, Ray. Tears fell down his face as he looked away for he could not stand to see his wife in so much fear. She hid the fear way down and stood up straight to prove her confidence, though knowing it would get her no-where. The wizard walked uph to her and pulled his hand across her face. She looked back at him and spit on his nose. He pulled away with disgust. "Whip here!" he demanded. They pushed her over and pulled out a wip. "swoosh!" went the wip as it came racing down on her behind. She held in her pain as to try and show no fear and no pain. Though the tears racing down her face could tell how much it hurt. The wizard smiled and said "ok...let's get a move on!" and started to walk away. We followed. Once in awhile she would catch Ray glance over at her and the quickly shake his head and look away. Though the long trip gave her enough time to form a weak plan but could still work. They approuched the castle at a fast pace. The loomed over us providing shade for our burnt skins. It was dark and gloomy. The guard opened the gate and they walked through. They entered the castle and stopped.
    "Put them in the same cell. For this is the last chance they will see each other,"said the wizard. She thought,' so he does have a heart?' They walked towards the west side of the castle. The hallways were long and 20 rooms in each hallway. You could here groans and agonizing yells. You could hear children crying and mothers trying to sooth them.Her heart just then officially broke and she dropped to the ground. Unable to take another step in fear it just might get worse. "Get up!" barked the guard. She just shook her head and cried even harder. The guard yanked her up and hit her back with the wip. She ran as hard as she could forward. Yanking on all the doors hopping one of them would magically open and everything would be fine. And she would step out into a beautiful meadow and Ray would be there waiting for her. And when she got the they would hug and kiss and never let go. The guard wiped her agian and grapped her arm and pulled her along. The guard in front of all of them opened a door and the guards pushed them in roughly and slammed the door shut. She stopped crying and got ahold of herself. She looked up at her husband who was staring at her in wonder. "Why?" was all he said, yet enough for her to understand. "I love you. And I knew I would die without you."she replied back. She ran towards him and he engulfed her in his arms. They seemed to kiss forever. "Never let me go,"she said.
    "I won't. I never will." he replied back. She said back with full confidence,"I have a plan...but I need you for it to work."
    "Tell me," he said and smiled to himself...