• To begin with what should be an ending, I’ll never get started at all. This tale is so long and so engrossing, you may wish to put down this book and wonder. I plan to tell you the twisted tales of what takes place where you least expect it. These tales I weave together come from the very depths of a high-school like no other. This school houses wickedly funny students, unbelievable teachers and creatures so vile they’re names spoken aloud strike fear into all that hear them. I tell you the tales of a high-school so horrible, so interesting, so unbelievable that this book could only be fiction. You will not believe what I have told you, once I have told it. In light of recent events I’ll continue with the exposition.

    The beginning of this story starts near a locker, not just any locker but the locker of a lonely girl. This girl however has a secret. The locker nearest hers belongs to a popular boy. The popular boy has a secret too. Lets call her Sam, as in short for Samantha. This will be the very retelling of her school year, everything else that does not concern her should not concern you. Lets see… ah yes, the popular boy. Brian. Lets call him Brian for the sake of name association. Lets make Brian popular only because he is athletic.