• “Do you feel better, Anion?” asked Kaden. He looked concerned.

    “A lot better,” I replied. My throat didn’t hurt that much anymore. “Did my grandma come to see me at all?”

    “Anion, your grandma’s dead,” said Kaden with some hesitation. “She died when you jumped off of that cliff two weeks ago.” I must have looked shocked or something, because he hugged me and said, “I’m sorry.”

    A boy identical to Kaden stepped beside him. “Kaden, father needs us to see him.”

    “Tell him that I have something that needs to be taken care of.” He didn’t look at his twin. Only at me. “I will see him later, alright, Damon?”

    Damon nodded and left us alone. Kaden just stared at me. After about five minutes, I was starting to get weirded out.

    “Um, Kaden,” I muttered. “This is getting a little creepy.”

    “Oh, sorry!” He jumped and got red. “Um, so, do you have any questions? I’m sure you are curious to know where you are and all of that.”

    I looked around for the first time. The walls were wooden and the furniture around it was leather. I was laying on a mahogany, queen-sized bed with silky white sheets. There were no windows, but an open door. Kaden was wearing jeans and a button-up shirt with a loose, black tie.

    “Sure,” I said slowly. “Where are we?”

    “We are in the Luka Rehabilitation Facility,” he said smoothly. “My father and oldest triplet, Marcus, run it. Damon and I aren’t as smart as Marcus, so we go to the high school that you would have been going to this year. I had seen you before, but we were told not to make any contact with any of your kind.”

    “My kind?”

    “The Seranos are our sworn enemies. We normally can’t stand to be around them. Maybe you’re more human than wolfinian. I don’t know. All we know is that you’re different than the others, especially your older siblings.”

    “I have older siblings?”

    “Yes. Your grandma didn’t tell you about Stephan, Marina, Casey, and Marshall? I bet you don’t even know that your father is alive.”

    “I don’t know any of this. Grandma didn’t like talking about my parents. She also told me that I was an only child.”

    “Well, maybe you can meet them one day. You’ll have to leave me behind, though. I can’t be around them without having a reaction.”


    Kaden laid on the bed next to me and just looked at me again. This time it wasn’t as creepy. I enjoyed it almost. He touched my face and just stared.

    “Your eyes have the most beautiful shade of green in them,” he said calmly.

    “Thank you,” I whispered.

    There was a cough from the doorway. An older-looking boy with light brown hair and brown eyes was standing in the frame. He looked amused at the sight of us.

    “Good evening, Marcus,” Kaden said calmly.

    “Good evening,” Marcus echoed. He was staring at me even more intently than Kaden did. It was very unsettling. “Father really needs to see you in his office, my brother. Will you please join us?”

    “Yes, in just one minute,” Kaden said, turning to me again. “Anion, this must be very urgent. If you would, look in the closet to your right and find something suitable to wear? I will be back as soon as I can.”

    I nodded as he got up from his bed and followed his brother out of the room, closing the door behind him.