• Akira: The Darkness Part 13
    I woke up on a bed, and Nijix was sitting on the floor across from the window mumbling to himself. All I remember is my heart telling me to speak and my mind to shut up for once. I got up and stared at Nijix, who looked like he had a rough night at a bar. I got up and walked towards him, placing a hand on his shoulder.
    “ Are you ok Nijix?” I asked, but this time in a light and soft voice. Nijix twitched at my voice, but responded with.
    “ Yeah, I’m fine I just need to get some fresh air. I’ll be back later with something to eat. “ Nijix got up, his flowing silver hair rush against my face in goodbye. His hazel eyes dared not to look at me. I went to the bathroom to take a shower, my black hair flowed over my eyes, the steam felt so good. I haven’t took a shower in..Well I don’t know, maybe since me and Nijix have started traveling. Oh crap, that’s 2 or 3 days, bad hygiene! I scrubbed extra hard to get off the dirt that I failed to notice.
    ~Ten Minutes Later~
    I hopped out of the shower and Nijix was right by the door waiting with a towel around his neck, he pointed at the other room. He scared the death out of me, I almost dropped my towel.
    “ Food is in there, oh please I’m not interested. “ He laughed. I ran out and he smoothly walked in and slammed the door shut. But I forgot, I had a pair of clean clothes in there. I heard the water run, and surprisingly Nijix was singing! I opened the door a little bit and slipped inside to get my clothes, tip toeing. I don’t know what he was singing though, it was in some ancient language. Then he poked his silver haired out of the shower curtain, I froze dead in my tracks. He frowned.
    “………………………………………………………………..” It was the longest pause in history, then he yelled and I screamed running out of the bathroom like a rocket to the moon.
    ~Nijix’s View~
    I started singing in ancient dark elf when I heard the door open a little. I thought it was just the air, but I heard Akira tip toeing. This girl can never be quiet. I poked my head out of the shower curtain, the water rushed over me.
    “………………………………………………………………….” The longest pause in history. I yelled at her and she screamed, and ran out faster than my grandmother at bingo night, and trust me that was pretty fast.
    “DON’T COME IN HERE EVER AGAIN DAMNIT!!!” I yelled as the door slammed. I laughed dang this girl will never change.

    ~Back To Akira~
    I ran to the couch, scared out of my mind. I threw down my towel and swiftly changed my clothes. Nijix stepped out of the bathroom, his towel wrapped around his waist, surprising for the first time, I saw that he wasn’t as slender as he was with a shirt on. He has a six pack, it was just glistening, I gulped. But he had a tiny but noticeable scar.
    “Would you mind the staring please? Like dang I know I’m hot but no need for staring. “ Nijix joked, He grabbed a pair of jeans and a silk shirt and vest from the drawer and headed back to the bathroom. My head hung low and annoyed. I walked to the bathroom door and slammed it open.Still looking down I yelled.
    “YOU ARE NOT HOT!! SO SHUT UP!” I yelled, then looked up. He was naked! I screamed and ran out the hotel room.
    “…..Doesn’t she know that it is super funny and naughty to bust in the door while a man changes? God Akira, so unpredictable.” Nijix chuckled to himself and slipped on his clothes and went to look for Akira.
    ~Author’s Note~
    I think I should of named this chapter “ The Flash of Nijix” I wanted this one to be sort of funny, so eh. Hope you enjoyed it!