• a cute young girl is one of Santa Claus's magical creatures who live's in the north pole,
    who help him with the gifts and he has to bring to all the gifts for
    kids in the world. Right now she is preparing for the Christmas journey she will take with Rudolph and Santa.
    As any other girl, she likes to look beautiful and cute all the time, especially in such an important night .
    she's getting ready to prepare for the Christmas night by shiping all the gifts everywhere as a joy of christmas
    as she can.
    with her blode hair and her red and
    white candy cane and her santa hat all ways dougles and dougles. when her rudolph and santa take off on they're
    christmas journey a hour went past and the sleigh was still in the air, but rudolph's eyelids were really getting
    heaver and heaver. it was good night to see all the good kids smiling but it was bad to see the bad kids crying
    it was wonderful when we went over england and china. but are work was done for the night it was kind of
    boring the rest of the night because the cute young girl had to go home. when it was morning she woke up with gifts
    everywhere under her tree, she's guessing that when she went to bed santa had of came to drop off her gifts. she was
    so proud to get candy in her stocking and her new outfit and her new backpack.the next year at christmastime
    santa called
    to see how she was doing, she was doing great and so happy. he told her to come to the north pole really fast.
    she ran fast has she can. when she saw santa's workshop she speeded in. santa told her that the reindeer flew away
    like they didn't want to give gifts this year to children! the workshop was busy because the reindeer flew away.
    the elves were making signs, mrs.claus was making ruindeer biscuits, and santa was saying to hiself dasher, dancer,
    Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and rudolph repenting and repenting so he won't forget there names
    because he's so sad. about five mins into looking for the reindeer the cute young girl saw rudolphs bright glowing nose.
    we all huged dasher, dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and rudolph. mrs.claus was joyful crying
    they walked back to the reindeer cabin. we put them to sleep, and vixen told us why they flew away,because they
    were really really to tired of flying everywhere. and santa said sorry and the next night it was christmas and of course
    the cute young girl went with to give gifts to kids around the world and all ways been doing it since she has started

    merry christmas and a happy new year