• Dani sat up in her bed once again listening to the tap tap tap coming from outside her window, imagining what on earth it could be. Slowly extending her foot to connect with the cold hardwood, she braced herself for the shocking bitter cold before jumping onto her blue plush rub and folding her arms across her chest. She quickly snapped her robe off of the hook and donned it, tying it tightly in the front.
    “Hello? Is someone there?” she whispered, thinking herself foolish for possibly talking to the wind. She shook her head slightly and walked slowly and cautiously towards her picture window overlooking the front walk. Touching the sill lightly with her fingertips, she looked out the window to see nothing.
    “I knew it was just my imagination.” She sighed to herself.
    She whipped around just in time to see a shadowed figure creeping towards her, knife held in its clenched fist. ‘You’re mine.’ It hissed, before evaporating into thin air. Scared out of her right mind, Dani dove back onto her bed and chanted to herself over and over,” Just a bad dream. Just a bad dream.”