• What are the Stars?

    A cold whisp of breath floated into the air. The night was bone chilling, yet the black haired man stayed out. He hadn't missed a night to see the stars once. Not even when he was sick and dying. He would do anything to see the stars once every night.

    "You'll catch your death out here you old coop." The demon sat up, leaning on his elbows and looked back. Nizu smiled at him, her dyed emerald hair messily in her face. Jack scoffed at her comment and laid back down. "Mind if I join you?"

    "You want to catch your own death, fine by me," he murmured as she took a seat beside him. The sky eyed young woman glanced at him. He opened one crimson eye to glare at her. "What?" She shook her head, nodding off the thought. Her gaze was averted to the stars.

    They radiated their beams of wonder down on the two. The gleamed and glimmered like coins. They burned like small astroids bursting eternally upon the atmosphere. They were unexplainable yet, thousands of words could put beauty on them.

    "Hey, Nizu?" She glanced down at the demon. He was staring at his cursed hand. The hand that was stripped of it's flesh and muscle, leaving only it's mark and bone left. The demon was gazing at the stars through his boney fingers. "What are the stars Nizu?"

    It was a simple question. A kind of question a child would ask their mother. Then again, the demon never really knew his mother. The green haired human smiled. "Well, I always thought they were souls." Jack looked up at her. It caught his interest.

    "You know, those who passed on. I always thought that after someone died, when there was someone they cared about on Earth, theyb would look down and watch over them until it was their turn to pass on." She could feel tears behind her eyes as she gazed at two of the brightest stars in the sky. She pointed up to one of them. "See, that's my family. They're looking out for me still," she explained.

    Jacks eyes followed her finger to one of the brightest stars. He glowered a little and turned away. He felt a knot in his throat thinking about her family. The first family he had ever killed. He never understood why she had forgivin him. "They say they forgive you Jack." He shot up, staring wide-eyed at Nizu.

    She smiled at him and giggled. "They forgive you Jack. But they said, you have to promise them that you'll look after me, just like they are." He gazed at the star. He thought about it for a moment. 'So that's the reason,' he wondered. He nodded. The star, for a mere second, gleamed a tad bit brighter. Nizu nodded happily.

    Jack stared at her. He felt somewhat, relieved. There was no knot in his throat. No nothing. All except for a small warm feeling inside his chest. "Hey Jack, you know your mother's a really nice person. I mean, she must have been. Afterall she is the most caring in the sky," she said. Jack averted his gaze to the sky now.

    The brightest star in the sky was smiling down on him. Now, it was known that most demons hate smiling. But in a glimpse of time, Jack smiled. He smiled and said something unexcpected. Something that made Nizu smile even more.

    "Thanks mom."