• A Helping Hand

    A RukiaxIchigo one-shot

    A/N: I’m back again! wink I just heart this pairing so I hope you like it! Its more Rukia’s POV, but she is serious here (…to a certain point, haha).

    Here’s the song that inspired me-



    As Rukia tried to fall asleep in her closet bed, events of the day made her toss and turn. She laid on her back, giving up.

    How could he be sleeping so peacefully?

    She sat up and quietly pushed the sliding door back a crack, a tiny stream of moonlight coming in. Ichigo was fast asleep in his bed like he hadn’t had a care in the world.

    She knew him better than that.

    It was the day his mother died and no one could pretend like they didn’t care. She had felt ashamed when she couldn’t meet his gaze.

    They had been watching t.v. when the image of a young mother patting her sleeping son’s head came on. She felt him tense and , for the quick second she met his gaze, his eyes gave a silent protest of the mother’s happiness.

    Regret, even. Like he had taken the mother’s right to happiness away.

    Thinking back on it, why did she avoid his gaze? She honestly didn’t understand why humans got so upset at those gestures. Weren’t they meant to bring happiness?

    She gazed at her hand and looked back at Ichigo. Silently, she stepped down and went to the head of his bed, sitting down on the floor. She carefully reached out and patted his head.

    His soft hair felt good against her skin and she didn’t feel sadness at this gesture at all.

    So why did he?

    “Quit it, Rukia. I’m trying to sleep.”

    Rukia jumped back in surprise at the tone of his voice. Why was he mad? Did she do something wrong?

    Hurt hit her hard, but anger quickly replaced it. Why did she even bother?!

    “Sorry,” she spat out in a harsh tone and got up, heading for the closet. She slammed it hard which made Ichigo get up and quickly open the door.

    “What the hell are you doing?! Are you trying to wake the neighborhood?”

    She glared back at him, mimicking his words from before,” I’m trying to sleep.”

    “Rukia-!” Ichigo was about to shout when she slammed the door close in his face. She threw the blankets over her and felt his presence angrily leave the door.

    She glared at the wall, hurt and confused. Why was he acting like this? Why couldn’t he be kind for once?

    She turned over and heard a squeak from under her. She picked up the Chappi bunny he got her for her ‘birthday’.

    Regret washed over her.

    She squeezed it and opened the door, ready to apologize, when her anger came back. Why was he sleeping when they just had a fight?!

    Annoyed, she threw the Chappi at his head from the safety of her closet. It made a loud squeak when it hit his head and he shot up, glaring. He threw it back, but she blocked it with the door.

    She opened it again,” Baka!”

    She slammed it shut, leaving a stunned Ichigo.
    Minutes passed and she felt stupid at her actions. Why was it like this? She didn’t cry. Never.

    So why now?

    She heard his footsteps approach her door and stop. His voice was soft and low.

    “Sorry. It’s been a long day.”

    She felt her heart beat fast suddenly and closed her eyes, pretending to sleep. Her back was to him when he quietly opened the door, assuming she had fallen asleep.

    Carefully, she opened an eye slightly, seeing him place Chappi gently in a corner by her head. He stood there for what felt like ages and she felt him lean in close, his warm breath brushing her cheek.

    “Thanks,” he whispered and patted her head, just like she had done before for him.

    He closed the door with a quiet knock and left a smiling Rukia. He was already in bed, with his back to her, when she finally had the courage to open the door,” Ichigo.”

    “What?” his tone was that of an annoyed one, but he didn’t turn around to face her.

    “You’re welcome.”

    Ichigo turned around, stunned, but the door was already closed. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, a bit embarrassed.

    He turned back on his side,” Annoying…”

    The End