• I know who I am. I am Me, the only me, but I am not I, for if I was I then I would not be Me. I love laughter. I love childrens laughter, I love to make children laugh. I love children, the little bundles of joy, enegy and happiness.
    I wish I was happy like a child. OH i am sorry. I wish me was like a child, that makes more sence. For Me am not I, but I geuss I am I. For I and me, are twins, yet they are born from different letters (mothers), they are one. That is good, I may call my self I

    They, the ones I (me) do not know, call me Travis. Though I (me) now with all of my heart, that I (me) am Me. They take care of me. They make me feel. I (me) enjoy there presence, it makes me feel, not alone. They don't make me happy though, not at all. Once one of the they told me here name was Jenny. I told here she was not, then she looked at me funny and asked who she was. I (me) told here she was they. Another one they came, then told her to leave. That made me sad.

    I (me) was lonely yet agian. I began to ask if They wanted to play checkers, but They said I (me) was not allowed to play checkers. I (me) wanted to see my brother. He was always happy, He always made me happy to. I wish He was here, then I (me) could play checkers with him.

    I love flowers, they are always so simple, not complex, (not at all) Flowers are nothing like what They told me yesterday, about a microwave. Never in my life (my long, long life) have I (me) ever seen somethin so complex and hard to use.

    I love my sister, she was so smart. Very smart She was. I wish I was as Smart as She
    Then I (me) would not be in this problem. I (Me) would be free. Not stuck to a machine with needles poking at my body. I (me) would be alive. Wiat I (me) have always been alive, I (me) had forgotten that for a second. I (me) have live for quite a while you now. For the mind Is capable of so much more than you think.

    I wish they would give Me chocolate, but they say it may effect my life span, which I (me) now is a lie, For I have Lived for quite a while, and I (me) have always eaten sweets. Your teeth do not leave until they have run out of money, and since you are the one who gives them money, they, If you know this, will never leave. Just like your soal.

    I want some paper, It has been a long time since I (and only I, for Me has died from loss of hope) I have written. They simply wish to run there tests on me, to see why I am still alive. Impossible they say, They call I impossible, how dare they for I am here, I may be only half but I am here, and here I shall stay.

    They ... they do note allow .... me to right any more ..... If you are reading this ... it is because ...
    there is some one .... one of the they ... Who rights everything I say....

    Have you ever dreamed of being immortal... you think it would be great... yes Well not really... If you think about it life that never ends is terrible. The ones you love... *cough* ... move on with out you... and you may never jion them... I am tired... *cough* very tired. My mind is no more, Take... Take me ... *cough* .. awa..y sweet ... breeze.

    Joseph Coal Rich 1570-2003

    He once told me, and me alone, that you can hold on to life as long as you wanted to. That as long as you said you would move on, you could, but he leared, It's not that great.