• I stand in the middle of the hall, looking at you. You say I'm crazy. Just because I'm in a mental facility? All I did was kill a few children. Strangling them to death. You thought you were alone? Wrong! They pulled my teeth out one by one because I bit you. Over and Over. You caused all my pain.
    My head tilts toward the side, waiting for you to scream your blood curdling scream. You start to studder back, waiting for me to attack. But I will just cause you emotional pain this time. Oh, don't worry, I'll come later. And cause you physical pain. But for now, I wait.
    I want to wait for your shreik. I want to hear you call anyone else. But there's no one else left in the world. Just me and you. You start running away, and I start walking. Each of your 5 steps is one step is one step for me. And I gain up on you.
    You hide in a room. Your pacing over and over again. I can see you. "Sarah." I giggle my hysterical laugh and you start to jump out the window. What a pitty you were. My only tooth is still rotting. I'm saving it for you, and only you.
    So run little lamb, run as fast as you can. Run, hide. But I will find you. I will always be near you. In every shadow, against every wall. Hide. I'll find you. Run, I'll catch you. So be ready Sarah, be ready for the pain. A hysterical laugh goes through my tooth, and I back into the shadows.