• My breathing sped up as my heart galloped towards an unseeable finish line. My legs had become jellow, as I sprinted away from the nightmare that had become my reality. Was it worth it...? Was the unbearable ache my heart felt, worth it in the end? Would someone truly catch me, Should I fall? Would he catch me, should I fall?
    My mind knew no answer to the panicked questions I asked. My heart felt no boundries, the emotions it was capable off ran free. This was all spontaneous, erratic, irrevocable. What have I done? The path I had just turned to, had no return, no escape. Now it was all or nothing.
    I was sure it was as if I had locked a diary and lost the key, forever to be lost from my past...
    What was my alternative? A cowardly life, that wasn't me, that I was sure of. To remember and wonder what could have been? No. No, I could never live that way. This is my life now.
    "Oh what a path I chose!" I snickered to my self breathlessly, scampering in to the hide-out.
    "Oh God! Thank god, your okay! Your okay! They didn't get you, your here...she's here..." Austin chorused, pulling me into a tight embrace, he seemed to be comforting himself more than me...
    "Austin...Austin, sweetie...Can't breath..."I gasped as he pulled me to him too tightly.
    "Oh! Oh, I'm sorry Zo. Zoe, oh god, don't ever do that again!"
    I said nothing, because I make no promises,