• Chapter 1: Promise

    .: Ikuto’s POV :.

    She came into the room to tell me breakfast was made and sat next to me.

    “Breakfast is ready.” she whispered.

    I looked up at her. I realized immediately that she was sick. Her white skin was now pale. Her eyes had dark black circles underneath and her cheeks and forehead were burning read. Her eyes looked as if they had pain in them.

    She lightly sneezed into her hand.

    “Amu. Why did you make breakfast? Didn’t I tell you I would go buy something for us?” I asked her.

    She slowly nodded her head.

    “Then why?” I questioned.

    “I-I wanted to make you eat my food,” she replied normally.

    “Amu, are you sick?” I asked.

    She nodded her head. “But don’t worry. I’ll manage.” she normally said as if it were nothing.

    I took her face in my hand. “Amu. Listen to me. I want you to go up to your room and rest.” I told her.

    “But-But Ikuto. I want to stay with you.” she complained.

    “Amu. If you don’t go I’ll make you.”

    She stayed quiet.

    Guess there’s no other way.

    I got off my bed and headed upstairs with her, in my arms. “Ikuto. Let go.” she whined.

    I stayed silent and opened the door to her room with her still in my arms. I walked over to her bed and gently placed her on top of it.

    “Ikuto.” she said in a low tone.

    “Yes?” I looked up at her staring at her golden eyes.

    She played with her fingers in her lap and then finally asked, “Will you stay with me forever? Just like you promised? …Even though I’m ugly and weird… still?”

    “Amu. Don’t say such stupid things. Didn’t I make you a promise?”

    She nodded her head. “B-But-” I stopped her and quickly kissed her. The kiss was gentle but short. When I pulled away she was blushing.

    “Does that convince you?” I questioned.

    She nodded her head.

    “Good.” I patted her head. “Make sure you rest for a bit. I’ll be back with medicine in a bit.”

    She closed her eyes and slowly let sleep take over her. I observed her. She had her hands under her head and her long black eyes lashes kissing her cheek. She was the cutest thing ever even when sleeping.

    I smiled and walked over to the kitchen.

    .: Amu’s POV :.

    He promised… there’s nothing to worry about Amu. (Amu‘s thinking that while she‘s asleep)

    ~Flash Back~

    I looked down at the three dead bodies in front of me covered in blood. My dad, my mom, and my little sister Ami. I gently placed a white sheet over them then sat in corner of the room waiting for him. Waiting for him to come like he had promised.

    (The song love story has to do with the fanfic. And yes I knoe I skipped parts…)
    We were both young when I first saw you…Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone…I'll be waiting all there's left to do is run…You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess…It's a love story baby just say yes… I got tired of waiting…Wondering if you were ever coming around…My faith in you is fading…When I met you on the outskirts of town, and I said…Romeo save me I've been feeling so alone…I keep waiting for you but you never came.

    After a moment the door burst open and he walked over to me with a horrified look on his face.

    “Amu.” he said with worry written all over his face. He sat down in front of me and gently put his arms around me.

    “I-Ikuto. There g-gone. W-Why couldn’t I-it have b-been me?” I sobbed into his clean black buttoned shirt.

    He softly patted my back. “Don’t worry Amu it’ll all be ok.” he reassured me.

    “B-But now I have n-no one.” I cried.

    “Amu.” he took my face in his hands and made me look at him in his eyes. “You have me. Amu. Come live with me. I live by myself. And I could take care of you. Love you. Anything you want.”

    “I-Ikuto, Please take me away. Away from here.” I whispered.

    He picked me up and carried me out of my 3 bedroom home. I held onto the front of his shirt and put my head against his chest. “I love you.” I whispered as I drifted off to sleep in his arms. (She only loves him as a friend tho… to make things clear. -_-)

    ~2 Hours Later~

    Where am I?

    I was in a room with light blue walls. The top one was painted dark blue. I was lying down on a bed with dark blue and light blue squares. There was a big computer desk on the corner of the room. And there was a black long lamp on the right of the bed.

    “Looks like your awake.” Ikuto said as he watched me from the door.

    “Ikuto, where am I?” I asked.

    “At my house.” I blushed at the thought thinking of me and Ikuto together in one room. I shook my head.

    No Amu! No perverted thoughts!

    “Ikuto… Um I need to go to the bathroom.” I softly whispered.

    I rushed out the room passing him.

    Wait-I don’t even know where the bathroom is!

    I walked back over to him…

    “Um… Ikuto. Where’s the bathroom?” I asked.

    “Down the hall on the left.” he said.

    I nodded my head and rushed off to the bathroom. I observed myself in the bathroom.

    “Damn! My face is red.” I said as I observed myself in the mirror. I put my hands on my cheek and squeezed them.

    Gr… forget it.

    I slowly walked out the bathroom and went to the room I was in earlier.

    “Ikuto. Um how long will I stay here?” I asked and sat next to him on the bed.

    “As long as you want.” he said.

    “Then forever.” I said.

    Ikuto smiled.

    “Amu I promise to take care of you with my life. All that I need to know is one thing.”

    “What is that?” I asked totally lost. But I was afraid what he was gonna want to know. The way he said it. There’s something behind it.

    “Do you love me? Even if you don‘t I‘ll still keep the promise.”

    “I-I what?”

    Ikuto didn’t repeat the question so I knew I had to answer.

    “Ikuto-I don’t love you… I-I’m sorry.”

    “No it’s okay.” he said getting up heading for the door.

    “No Ikuto. I just don’t feel that way please don’t be mad.” I pulled on his hand.

    “Forget it Amu. It’s nothing.” he said with a fake smile on his face. He made me let go of his hand and walked out the room.

    “Ikuto.” I whispered.

    I knew he was hurt. I just cant love him… I don’t feel that way.

    ~End of Plash Back~

    I quickly got up.

    I dreamed of the flash back… how weird. But it’s been a year since that happened.

    I rubbed my eyes till tired and went down to Ikuto.

    “Hey.” I said and sat next to him on the sofa leaning against him.

    “Aren’t you tired?” he asked.

    “Just a little.”

    “Go back to sleep.”

    “No. I wanna be with you.”

    “Then marry me.”


    “Marry me Amu. I can make you happy. Keep you happy. And how am I supposed to take care of you? I can now but what about when you get married to someone else and leave me?!”

    “I-I Ikuto.”

    I frowned. “How can I love you Ikuto?! It’s just I don’t feel that way?! Cant you understand that?!” I was crying now. Tears streamed down my cheeks.

    Ikuto took my face in his hands and made me look at him in his eyes. I tried to struggle free.

    “Ikuto. Let go!” I yelled kicking and screaming,

    Ikuto suddenly pinned me to the sofa. Him on top of me. I felt my face go red.

    “You don’t understand how I feel.” he said roughly.


    “Don’t bother. I don’t want to here it. I’m going to go out to for a while. Don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone.” he said and left me alone on the sofa crying.

    “I-I-Iku-to I-I-I ha-d n-no i-idea!” I cried.

    Ikuto. I hurt you so much.

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