• Xemnas walked into the meeting room. All the other Organization XIII members were sitting their minding their own business. Roxas, Xion, and Axel where chatting. Saix had his hands over his ears trying to ignore Demyx. Marluxia was smelling a rose while Xigbar was polishing his boots. Larxene and Luxord were throwing needles and cards at Vexen. Zexion was reading a book.
    "Listen up everyone," Xemnas announced as he entered the room. "I have a surprise for everyone, but I want you to guess what it is and don't worry you won't be sent to the corner for a dumb answer."
    "Are we getting a raise?" Saix asked.
    "No." Xemnas said,
    "Are we going on a super fun secret mission?" Roxas exclaimed.
    "No." Xemnas said, "but you're really close."
    "Oh I know!" Demyx shouted getting on the table, "You decided that we don't need hearts, you're going to dismember the organization, and start a simple business that sells baked goods."
    "In the corner!"
    "But you said..."
    "IN the corner." Demyx with his head down walked over to and slumped down into the corner. "Anyway Roxas was really close. We're going to Disney World!" Only Roxas and Xion cheered with excitement.
    "Why on earth are we going back there?" Vexen said pulling cards and needles from his shield. "Don't you remember what happen last time?"
    "Oh please they rebuilt the park after Demyx had his meltdown." Everyone looked at Demyx.
    "What! You would have freaked out to if you had little creepy dolls singing to you!"
    Marluxia stood up and ran fingers through his hair. "For the love of flowers, man, they were just dolls?. They didn't want your soul!"
    Demyx mumbled something angrily from his corner. Xemnas clapped his hands together.
    "The plane leaves in a few hours, let's go!"