• Chapter 1

    Run. Just keep running.

    His footsteps splashed across the newly rained on ground. The ground was stone and the sky dark, a new moon. The shadow of a forest was in the distance.

    They’re after us. Just keep running.

    He looked up and skidded to a halt. They were standing in front of him looking directly at him. One was thin and smiling with short brown hair. The other was well muscled and had his arms crossed with white hair.

    “You’ve given us quite the chase brother. Come back with us” the thin one said.

    “No way!” Gemini yelled. “We stopped being your brother when you sided with Cancer!”

    The thin one sighed and put a hand to his head. “That hurts brother”

    “Aries, Cancer said to use the force if he refused” the muscled one said. Aries sighs again shaking his head.

    “Are you sure you won’t reconsider?” he asked.

    “Never” Gemini said holding up his arms and spreading his legs in a defensive stance.

    “Fine. But Taurus only incapacitate him” Aries said in a resigned but warning tone.

    “Alright, Aries. Charge, Taurus!” he shouted and a shockwave blew over them.

    Gemini’s stance didn’t break. Taurus lowers his head and ran at him like a raging bull. Gemini shoved both of his hands out pushing against his head and jumped over him. He winced as he landed feeling his hands bleeding.

    “Your horns are sharp as ever Taurus” Gemini said retaking his stance. The energy surrounding him clung to his body forming horns on his head.

    “Thank you Gemini. Hopefully you won’t end up as gore on them” he said smirking.

    He charged at him again and Gemini repeated his earlier dodge making sure to avoid the horns.

    “Split, Gemini!” Gemini shouted. His body split into two twins running at him. They were twins except their cloths, hair, and body which were completely white or completely black.

    “Let’s go Kuro!” the one dressed in white shouted to the other. Kuro and Shiro ran at Taurus together then split up and attacked from two angles together. Taurus smirked and blocks both their attacks then before sending them flying. They flipped in the air landing lightly then ran at him again.

    Taurus grabbed Kuro’s fist and threw him into Shiro sending them both flying a few meters away.

    “Give it up you two” Aries tells them walking forward. “Your stamina is already waning. If you continue to fight you’ll kill yourselves”

    Kuro helped Shiro to his feet panting hard. “It’s better than fighting for Cancer!” he shouted his vision already starting to blur.

    This may be it Shiro he thought quietly.

    Taurus charged at them again and then flew back. Kuro blinked in disbelief at the stranger standing before him. Long black hair. Thin but strong build. The feeling that a lion was before him.

    “Leo!” he shouted in relief. He stumbled forward his vision turning dark.

    No. Not now! He thought furiously. He fell hitting the ground hard Shiro falling with him. They turned back into Gemini seconds later.

    Leo stared at Aries and Taurus disdain and anger in her eyes. "Leave" she said in a normal voice but it echoed around the street like a roar. Aries visibly flinched. He stared into her eyes and felt like he was looking directly at a lion preparing to pounce and tear him to shreds. So this is the strongest of all of the zodiacs. Leo!!!

    Aries blinked squashing his fear "Leo. Tell me. Do you plan on protecting Gemini and letting yourself be killed?"

    Leo laughed and then roared shaking the very ground they stood on. "You can't even scratch me let alone kill me. Unless you want to be the ones who die tonight I suggest you leave. Now!!"

    Taurus wasn't fazed and squaring his massive shoulders he raised his hands. "Just because you are the strongest of the zodiacs that doesn't mean you can defeat us"

    Leo laughed and crouched down on her hands palms touching the ground. "Roar, Leo!" she shouted and the sheer force shook the ground they stood on. Taurus steps back and glances at Aries. They both knew that couldn’t take her now without suffering sever injury or getting killed.

    "You win this time Leo" Aries calls out. Leo didn’t change her stance and glared at them. Aries sighed and turned away. "Come on Taurus. Run Aries!" he crouches in the blink of an eye was gone. Taurus spared her a parting glance before chasing after him.

    Leo stood her power fading away. She walked over to Gemini slinging him over her shoulder. She looked behind her and starts running. This war is far from over