• I guess I could have seen it coming. With all that has happened in my life, this was one of the out comes. Still, Mom's decision to move to New York was pretty shocking. Most girls would have been excited to move to New York, but I am not most girls. With moving I leave the town I lived in all of my life and all of my friends I had left behind, and that is not something I am looking forward to. My friends say they'll call and that they won't forget me ,but I don't know, things happen. Though I have packed my suitcase for tomorrow, I hoped that at the minute Mom would tell me that we are not moving.
    "Audrey! Audrey! Where are you?.... Your fourteen, our to old to be hiding. I need you." My mom called through out the house.

    With the littlest hope it would be something about moving, I walked quickly to find her. To find her in the family room.

    "Oh there you are Audrey! Come help my move your mattress into the truck."

    I willingly helped her move my mattress from my room, to the front yard, which a bunch of movers were helping load all of our stuff into the moving van. Back and forth they went, there must have been like twenty people there.

    I guess I got what I wanted, moving news, but not the moving news I really wanted to hear.
    Mom and I that night ate on the floor of our building, eating some tofu take-out we ordered from town. Dinner was awkwardly quiet, as the movers were still helping out in the house. Mom said some casual things, like how was your day. Other then that it was completely silenced. I finished the meal and headed to my room.

    I started to pack my carry-on, just the usual stuff you know my ipod, a book, sketchbook, pencils, dvd player and some other stuff. I was almost done when I came across my old teddy bear, charlie. Charlie is one of my oldest possessions, my dad had given to me the day I was born. Its way to special to put into a suitcase, I guess I can put it into my carry on, what do I care if other people see it, there just strangers to me.

    So I left it out for tonight deciding to pack it tomorrow, so it can help me get through the night tonight. Then I packed the rest of the stuff in my carry-on, although leaving enough room for charlie.

    Soon the movers left and I set out my sleeping bag for tonight. I laid down to sleep, even though I was hoping that tomorrow would never come and tried to sleep.
    Charlie didn't help, I didn't sleep. I still cried through the night.