• She raced ahead of him, tugging her pants up higher so she wouldn't trip again. A wink and she ran outta his sight. He growled and sped up, his blue t-shirt flying behind him.

    Up ahead, Ditz was laughing and pulling her unruly raven hair into a messy bun. She felt the fire pulsing through her veins, the power off winning overtaking.

    Breaker didn't like this. He couldn't see his best friend anymore, ans he was worried. The Drums were already out and Ditz couldn't take one down by herself, even with a 3.6 ring.

    Crossing the finish line, Ditz jumped up and down with glee. But now she was scared. Breaker's red hair was no where in sight. Her ruby eyes searched for him, but when he came in sight, it was too late.


    The Drum carried her off while she cursed it with colorful words, but Breaker knew under her tough act she was trembling.

    With a burst of energy, she pulled out her rings and put them to use. Fire rained down on the Drum, and while it screamed she healed herself. She didn't see the sticks come down on her head.

    She screamed in pain and raised her gun, but got hit once more, pushing the gun out of her reach. The Drum raised to attack again, but was shot, followed by a rain of fire.

    The combo continued until the Drum withered away. Ditz, who was close to passing out, realized who her savior was.

    "Breaker..." she breathed. He smirked and picked her up.

    "Troublemaker." he sighed as her eyes widened. "My troublemaker. What am I going to do with you?" She smiled.

    "Kiss me."


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