• A black cloud hung ominously above, dropping heavy raindrops on the street below. The dark monochromatic landscape of the city clashed with the brightly colored umbrellas of pedestrians. Malophone looked down and observed them with hidden delight. Four hard knocks on the wooden door diverted his attention from the street below. He looked up to see a tall thin man with long black hair entering. In his left hand, he held a pair of leather gloves and a black cane, the top of it was carved to look like an eyeball, adorned with various precious metals.
    “I’ve been expecting you Mr. Thom.” Malophone said in a self satisfied manner.
    “Save it Malophone. Let’s get down to business.” Jonathan Thom spat, as his false smile became a look of utter disgust. “I want to speak with you about what went down in Aeries.”
    “Which bit Jonathan?” Malophone asked as his left eye twitched.
    “I believe you know which bit.”
    “Surely I have no idea which bit.”
    “Damn it Malophone, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about! This grand charade ends now!”
    “If you are not willing to offer any details of your concerns, I’m afraid I can be of no real help to you. “ Malophone said smartly, as he stepped behind the large mahogany desk and sat down. Jonathan’s glare was hard to ignore. His nostrils were flared and his chest moved in and out erratically as his breathing became heavier and agitated.
    In truth, this was nothing like Jonathan Thom’s usual behavior. He was a clear minded individual, whose composure could match that of Malophone’s. This was a man of intelligence. It was clear that he had spent a good percentage of his life reading books, as he spoke with a vocabulary that would make William Wordsworth jealous. But now, all of that didn’t seem to matter. The anger that had suddenly overtaken him had left his face void of the reasonable expression that anyone that knew him would tell you that he wore.
    By all means, he was still the Jonathan Thom that enjoyed a good book, tipped his waitress, and brushed his teeth after every meal. But in no way was his current state reflecting that man. His current demeanor was vicious, enraged, and by no means pleasant. His brow was furrowed and his mouth was turned at such a steep angle that the edges of his lips seemed to point at each other. It was as if the glass bottle of reason within him had broken, spilling its contents into some bottomless drain within him.
    Malophone’s desk was littered with trinkets. All of them seemed to be frivolous. Malophone knew differently. He lifted a small blood colored box embellished with gold and opened it up. A tiny couple standing on a spring wobbled up. He turned the tiny gold key three times and placed it back on his desk. The tiny couple began to dance, spinning very slowly. Jonathan glanced down at it. It appeared to be a music box, but the tiny couple was not dancing to any music. He stared. Slowly, the anger on his face seemed to melt away. His eyes were calm and his nose was no longer flared. The frown became a straight line. Suddenly, the couple stopped. He looked up at Malophone, who was smiling a very soft smile. “I just remembered that I had some business to tend to at the library.” Jonathan said in a monotone voice.
    “I see.” Malophone said, as his smile grew. “I wish you luck in your endeavor.” Jonathan nodded his head and turned slowly. He exited the room, closing the door behind him.
    Malophone pushed the music box that lacked music closed and turned back to the window. He knew that once Jonathan Thom had gotten to the library, he would wonder what exactly he had come there to do. He knew that Jonathan Thom would spend the next few hours trying to remember what he went there to do. He knew that Jonathan Thom would never remember why he went to the library. What Malophone did not know however, was that the thought of Aeries would never cross Jonathan Thom’s mind ever again.

    4 days earlier.

    Rolling green hills cut Aeries off from the rest of the world. The town hall sat at the top of a great rocky cliff, although the town sloped down toward the white sandy beach below. It was an old town; the salty air had faded the paint on the wooden buildings. Red homes were now a sad pink, and dark blue homes were finding themselves becoming closer to the color of the sky on a cloudless afternoon.
    This town had become a world of its own. It was self sufficient, as sheep had grazed upon the grassy outskirts of the town, providing meat and milk. A stream from some faraway glacial mountain had flowed through the center of town, granting it clean running water.

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