• “Are you serious about me?”
    “Yes, I’m serious. I’m serious that I can make you happy. I’m serious I’ll be with you forever. I’m serious, I love you!” The couple began to kiss.
    “How romantic!” I shouted to the TV screen with intense joy.
    “Romantic? All he said the whole time was ‘I’m serious,’ I mean, what is this TV drama even called? Serious help?” My older sister Shiori commented.
    “It’s called Serious love .” I smiled. She rolled her eyes, got up, and went into the kitchen.
    My name is Yoshinori Miki. I’m sixteen years old and looking for true love. This new school year, I’ve decided to find my own romantic love. In the last two years, dating was only a game, and I was only just fooling around. But this time, I wanted to change EVERTHING about me. Whatever happened before, has already happened and now I must move on.
    “This year for sure!” I stood up and shouted.
    “Did you say something?” Shiori called. I laughed to myself.

    New year, new clothes, new hairstyle, and NEW attitude!!! Last year when I was going to a different school, I was living with my parents, two cities away from here. But something happened, and it forced me to want to change for the better. So I moved in with my older sister over the summer break and did some altering to myself. Goodbye to the old me and hello to the cute and composed me!
    “Watch out!” I turned around and was suddenly hit with something hard. What the hell?! That freaking hurt! Whoever hit me, will definitely be annihilated!!!
    “Are you alright?” I looked up and saw an amazingly handsome guy standing over me. My prince charming!!! All I could do was stare at him in a daze.
    “Come, I’ll take you to the health room.” He helped me up. He walked me into the building, holding me up. He was touching me! Usually I didn’t like this sort of thing, but after what I’ve been through, it’s nice to have someone care for you. Ever since I’ve been watching those TV dramas, I’ve been hooked on finding my own romance just like that, no matter what the obstacles were. I’m sure there aren’t that many, since I’m strong enough to over come them all. I’ve basically got it all down.
    Thanks to those dramas and some magazines.
    “Here we are.” The boy helped me onto the counter.
    “I’ll get you an ice pack to keep it from swelling.” He went into the back room. I didn’t know where the nurse was, and I didn’t really care. This way, we could be alone.
    “Here.” He came back, ice pack in hand.
    “Hold it to your head, it’ll feel better.” He smiled as I did what he said. If he just kept smiling, I’d feel better all the time.
    “Jiro.” He held out his hand to me.
    “Miki.” I shook his hand.
    “Nice to meet you Miki.” He kept smiling. I could already feel the pain in my head disappearing by the second. The heavenly bells, they were ringing for us. I smiled. Wait…
    Seriously, I could hear bells ringing.
    “Class is starting.” He announced.
    “Oh.” I replied.
    “I’ll walk you.” He said, helping me down from the counter.
    “Are you new?” Jiro asked as we walked hand in hand. Yeah right, I wish! We were just walking side by side.
    “I just transferred here. I live with my older sister.” I smiled. But I remembered don’t smile too much, or they might think you’re weird!
    “Cool, why did you decide to transfer?” Because I wanted to meet my fate; which is you. I thought.
    “Miki?” I shook my head.
    “I…” I couldn’t tell him the REAL reason I had to move.
    “My father went over seas, and my mother disappeared when I was younger.”
    “Wow, that must have been rough. I know it was rough for me when my mom left.” We kept walking. I can’t believe I just told my future husband a lie. He’s going to find out when my parents show up for our wedding. I sighed. Oh well, I’ll just say it’s a miracle when the time comes.
    “Right, here’s your class.”
    “Thank you.”
    “No problem. So I’ll see you later.” He smiled and walked off. How nice, my love has begun!!!
    As soon as I entered the classroom, the teacher told me to stand in front of the room.
    “Class, we have a new student. Her name is Yoshinori Miki.” The teacher announced to the class.
    “Please call me Miki.” I smiled genuinely.
    “Thank you, you may now take a seat.” The teacher instructed.
    As I walked down the isle, they all stared at me. I didn’t know why they were staring, but I didn’t care in the least bit either.
    Once I reached the last row, I sat on the desk by the window. The teacher began to take roll. As he called down the list of names, the classroom door was just barged open. A male student had just arrived, his top buttons on his uniform were all apart, and his hair fell all over the place. He looked like a mess.
    “Kitakawa Kei!” The teacher yelled.
    “Yo.” The boy said calmly. Didn’t he care that he was late?
    “You’re late!” The boy ignored him and walked down the isle like I had. He took the seat next to me. I took a side glance at him, he reminded me of my past. And that kind of irritated me. He was someone I shouldn’t get to know while I’m here. In fact, I shouldn’t even socialize with him. I’ve learned that bad boys are only bound to cause heartache.