• Unseen by humans, unknown to many,there is a secreat that the earth itself hid in the bounds of human flesh.Eight souls,one of each sex, two for each natural element, were chosen by the gods and goddesses to be given special abilities. Until called they would remain in human form, living normal lives, with normal families. Earth Air Fire Water, chosen to save the life of earth itself.

    Iris could not sleep.There was a deep foreboading in the pit of her belly. She tried to focus on other things. She smiled at an old memory. Her friends around a campfire, near a place known foe its spectral activity. The two girls with her Mara and Lena, where just as sensitive to the fluxes in phycic energy, as Iris. Lena though was much more confident than she while pooor sheltered Mara was scared and slightly confused at the pressures against her mind.

    "Its like a sense of doom!" Mara whinned

    "Relax no harm can come to you unless you allow it too happen. So don't be so worried." Lena said rather matter of factly.this was slightly belittles to the circle of blessed salt around there camp.

    "Mara you always have that feeling. You must have like impending sense of doom syndrome." Iris said off handedly. Then her and Lena laughed.

    "dont be mean" Mara whined...

    The feeling wasn't going away, and this time she was alone safe in her own bed. Lena and Mara thousands of miles away. She felt something tugg at her consiousness. Sleep then swiftly over took her.
    Boston -same night

    He had been ill all night. he cursed his weakness, cursed the cause of his weaknesses, cursed the fact he was still alive. He wanted at this moment to make them all pay. All of them would pay.
    They would pay for his pain, the tourmenting, his empty stomach, the years of bullshit. They woulld pay dearly. Oh so dearly. Only two would escape his wrath, one an innocent as tourtured as he only saved in time. The other a person willing to listen to help them , to even love him. It was a strange thought to him. Love and hope were rather forgien, revenge and anger his freinds.
    He lay by the toilet, and felt darkness closing in on him, 'i dont want to die yet, i need to live first'

    The earth quaked as one, the seas over flowed, the mountains crumbled. The earths anger at man was shown. Millions of souls lights were put out, in one fell swoop. the nations wiped off the eart as the gods cried at the earths harsh ruling, goddesses wept openly at the deaths of her children. None but the earth goddess, Brigid, and Hecate, watched solemly sadened but wary as Cerridwen the earth goddess aged before there eyes.

    In an acient vioce hard as stone and smooth as a lake " daughters it is time."

    Hecate opened her empty black eyes and stretched out her hand, alowwing the souls to be excorted to the great place of rest. " It will be so Mother"

    Brigid bound her long red hair upon her head in coils. "I dont believe I have been out of Summerland since I helped Odyessius. No one appreciateds simple wisdom anymore."

    Cerridwen mearly nodded.
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