• Ten more minuets went by as Maria and I sat on the bench examining the stars. The boys were talking amongst themselves. Dad would be at the school and there was nothing I could do about it.

    Maria and I heard something over by the boys, like a twig snapping or something. Sure enough when we turned around towards the boys, the Slitheen was there behind them.
    "It's behind us isn't it?" Clyde asked.
    "RUN!" Luke yelled.

    And off we went, with the running...again. You know, I love running, but this was getting a bit tiring and more exciting every minuet! It's not every day that a group of fourteen year olds get to be chased by a giant, fuggly, green alien, from the Raxacoricofallapatorian family, that came from a planet called Clom. Honestly, how cool would that be?

    "Got anymore vinegar?" Luke asked Clyde while we ran.
    "No, I'm fresh out!" he answered shaking the spray bottle.
    "Vinegar," I asked, "Why vinegar?"
    "Slitheen are allergic to it!" Maria yelled as the alien almost caught us.

    We kept running for a couple minuets until we ran into the Doctor around a corner.
    "Alonsy!" he exclaimed with a huge smile on his face. We ran behind him.
    "We ran in a circle!" Austin exclaimed as we appeared at the corner where we ran into the Doctor.
    "Come on!" the Doctor said. This time we went to the left instead of the right.
    "Now!" he yelled as we got to the end of a hallway.
    Suddenly a huge electric shock went around the walls in the hallway, trapping the alien in there within the shock. I sent an earsplitting scream as the electricity went through it's body.

    The electricity stopped and the Slitheen lied there on the ground. Smoke was coming from the Slitheens body.
    "Toasted." I said as we walked towards it.
    "Is it...dead?" Austin asked the Doctor.
    The Doctor shook his head, "No, just in shock. I'm going to send it back to where in belongs. It may have attacked you, but it doesn't deserve to die."

    Sarah Jane came from around the other end of the hallway, "Is it safe to come through?" she asked.
    "Yeah, come on." the Doctor answered.
    She ran to Luke, Clyde, and Maria and brought them into a hug, "I'm so happy you are okay!" she exclaimed. "You to!" she said as she brought Austin and I in a hug.
    "What about me?" the Doctor asked her. She hugged him as well.

    "I'll be back!" he said as he ran through the hallway. A few minuets went by until a sound came from somewhere. Something began to appear in front of us, something amazing.