• “Good job!” I said, “Now you’ve done it!”
    “We will get out of this; I’ll find a way out.” He said almost mumbling.
    “Oh, you will find a way out? You’re the one who got us into this! I told you, but you wouldn’t listen!”
    “Oh, so this is my fault!” he exclaimed as he walked towards me.
    “Yes, it is! You say you’re SO smart, how about act like it sometime! Lets start with hmmmmmm…I don’t know… common sense!”
    “You need to learn to keep your big mouth shut young lady!” he told me. He walked past me.
    I turned around and followed him, “You know “Doctor” some day my “big” mouth might save your life one day! Where are we Mr. Know it All?”
    Wherever we were it seemed almost dead. The Doctor wanted to say something about my “know it all “remark, but he held it in.
    “We are on the planet Jaconda,” he answered with signs of anger in his voice.
    “What happened here?” I asked as I looked around. It was just dead, barren land all around us.
    “Nobody really knows,” he answered, “But it was once a lush, green land with meadows, and even life.”
    “Holy crap,” I thought, “What could do this to a whole planet…who or what would want to do this? War maybe?”

    We walked around for a while in silence. We were both still blowing off steam from our argument. I wondered what the Doctors “brilliant” plan was to get us out was. “It would probably cause more problems,” I thought.

    We sat down on some old, fallen trees. We had been walking for a couple hours, so we decided to rest for a bit. The Doctor took something out of his pocket.
    “What’s that?” I asked.
    “It’s a little something I stole from a friend. He found out a way to fix it, and we really don’t need him to have it, he might cause trouble.” He held it out for me to see. “It’s a Time-Vortex Manipulator. It could travel through time; it’s just not as…comfortable as the Tardis. Honestly, I think it sucks compared to the Tardis. He strongly disagrees.”
    I laughed, “Boys and their toys,” I said.
    “That’s what another friend of mine once said,” he told me, “Martha did.”
    “Who’s Martha?”
    “She traveled with me a while ago.”
    “How many companions has he had!?” I thought, “Why isn’t she anymore?”
    “Things got…complicated.” He answered, “Anyway, I got to get this charged some how.”
    “It needs to be charged!? Wow, the Tardis is better!”
    He laughed, “I’m sorry about not listening to you back in the Tardis.” He said. I didn’t expect him to apologize. I guess he wasn’t as stubborn as I thought!
    “No, I’m sorry for being such a “big mouth.”
    “You’re not the one who should be apologizing. You were right about me. I should listen to you more often. Apparently, you do know what you’re talking about sometimes.”
    “What’s that supposed to mean?!” I exclaimed. He laughed again, “Just messing with you. Now, I have to charge this somehow.”
    “How does it get charged,” I asked.
    “Let me see your phone.”
    “Just let me see it,” he said. I took my phone out of my pocket, “Okay, but don’t break it! Especially now that I have that cool across the universe long distance thing that you put on it. Did I mention that my mom is gonna love that.”
    “Why, because of the bill?” he asked as he took his sonic screwdriver out and placed it on my phone.
    “Exactly!” I answered, “Maybe I could finally be allowed to text!”

    He passed me my phone back and placed the screwdriver over the Time-Vortex thingy.
    “Ahah!” he exclaimed, “Hold on to my arm.”
    I placed my hand on his arm.
    “Alright, this isn’t going to feel too good.” He told me.
    “Just do it,” I told him.