• Lily hugged Kinon to her heart. She began to cry.
    "What's wrong? You're crying again."
    "Oh no reason."
    A heavy gong rang through the air.
    "We have to go." Kinon lifted Lily off her knees and wrapped his arm around her waist.
    "Kinon?" she asked.
    "Yes, Lily?"
    Lily pulled him to a stop outside the council door. "I need to tell you something."
    "Okay." he stood in front of her.
    "I love you with all of my heart, and I wouldn't change any of our time together." Tears flooded down her face.
    "What are you saying?"
    "I love you."
    He chuckled, oblivious, and began to open the door.
    "Kinon, one more thing."
    He shut the door and looked at her. "Yes?"
    "Kiss me."
    Kinon blinked.
    Kisses were uncommon for the immortals, but she needed one.
    "Okay." his arms wrapped around her and his lips met hers.
    The kiss was wonderful. Just as Lily remembered from their first one. There was one problem, her tears made it salty.Kinon didn't seem to care.
    Too bad this was a last kiss.
    Lily pulled back, and whispered, "Go." against his lips.
    Kinon opened the door, and Lily followed, but didn't go to her usual seat, Instead she went to the middle.
    "Lily!" the leader of the immortals said.
    "Yes, sir?" Lily called out.
    "What are you doing?"
    "I am taking back my acceptance to your generous offer." a year ago Lily had accepted the offer to become an immortal just for Kinon, and now she was taking it back.
    "Do you not like my offer?"
    "I do, but I just don't belong here. You all do, but I don't.This place just isn't for me." she said without even glancing at Kinon, but she could hear his breathing grow more intense.
    "But you cannot love Kinon."
    "Then . . . . Then take all of my memory of him." she whispered.
    "Very well, Lily." his staff lifted and pointed at Lily.
    "No!" Kinon cried, and jumped in front of Lily.
    "Lily, please don't do this." he begged. Now they both were crying.
    "Please Kinon, I will always love you, but I just can't stay here."
    "I will take my immortality away too."
    "Don't be stupid, you were born as one. Just keep an eye on me, and keep me safe."
    "Please, Lily, don't leave me." he begged.
    "I have to. I don't belong here." Lily turned around to face the staff, and closed her eyes as tears fell down her face.
    There was a flash of light, and then darkness.