• Part 2: The principal's office.

    You know how you feel when your mom just slapped you in the face, and you dad gave you that dissapointed look? That's how me and Eric felt in the principal's office.
    I scooted towards him. "I thought you said she was a guy."
    Eric shrugged. "I didn't know. This is everyone's first day."
    We both rolled our eyes. Next thing I knew, there she was, right in front of me.
    "Hun, please give me a strand of your hair."
    This woman was scary looking, big, fat, plump, moutache, snooty nose, almost bald.
    I plucked out one of my strong hairs and so did Eric. We both handed them in to her, and she smiled like a devil. She touched my face. "And you must be Chloe."
    I did the logical thing. "Yes ma'am."
    She smiled an ugly crooked smile. Not like Eric's though. The woman walked over to her desk. On top if it was a little science lab that neither Eric or I knew about. The principal first put mine in the machine, then Eric in the other one.
    Her eyes glowed, as the computer screen typed away.
    A little siren went off, not loud. A giant AA showed up on her screen, and I looked around nervously. It was my strand of hair that was making all this excitement with her. She wrote down a couple of notes, then went on to the next computer, with Eric's hair in it. A giant P showed up on that screen, and she took notes on that too.
    "Chloe?" Eric whispered in my ear. "What does that big P stand for?"
    "I don't know." I whispered back. "I'm only 12."
    "Well, duh. So am I." We both giggled, and the big fat lady came up to us. We each got a sticky note.
    "Since you both are happy together, I put you in the same class." Mine said AA, Mr.D . Eric's said P, Mr. D. We were definately in the same classes, but I wasn't sure if I could trust him yet. Sheesh, I only knew him for what, 20 minutes?
    Eric got up out of his seat. "Okay, I gotta know. Who's my dad/mom or whatever?"
    The glare of that woman's eyes was so threatening, even Eric sat down. "Your father is Poseidon. Any questions?"
    They both looked at me now, and I just said, "I dont wanna know until I get to class." The woman stumped over to me, and I stood up. "Got a problem?"
    "No, Miss Chloe. Get to class." She sneered. I laughed, then Eric and I walked out. We heard the principal make a phone call to our new teacher.
    "That was intense." He said, looking at the ground.
    "Yeah, but I think she knows I'm not scared of her though."
    "I was!"
    I laughed then. "What do you think AA means?"
    His eyes went cold, but we were almost to class. "I know what they mean." His voice was cold too.
    "Chloe, AA means Athena and Ares got together and made you. Your mother is Athena and your dad is Ares."