• Yumi Nereza Keiko
    (1 cool Shot to the head

    I tugged on the hat, hiding my brown hair, of which I'd untied from its braid and taken out all the golden vines. I wore a white tank top that held my waist gently, and dark blue jeans. I also wore simple ankle boots.
    Though this was just a temporary outfit, since I had to go into the mortal world, I had to fit in. I tugged on the edge of the white hat, hiding the pointed tips of my ears. I also hid the red gem on my forehead, then tied a white band around my waist. I put on a golden ring on my right index finger, and an emerald bracelet on my left wrist. I tied a white silk ribbon around my neck, of which poised a circle pendant my mother used to own. I combed the tips of my hair once over, turned from my reflection in the mirror, and never looked back.

    Lunar stopped after I'd pulled her reins, looking at me as I waited for my brother. We stopped short of the portal, looking into the foreboading purple mist. Our people never left the DarkNite world, we never dared. Whoever went, never came back.
    I stopped chewing my lip, and clicked Lunar into gear. She was careful, placing one careful hoof after the other as she got closer.
    "Good luck, Nereza and Kilunar." I turned my head in time to see my mother smiling and waving, though she looked sad. I'd only seen her face for five seconds when the purple mist envelopped me.

    The mist was soft, it did not feel harmful, unlike what I'd imagined. I heard Shadows' hoofs close behind me, and smiled, knowing that I was at least not alone. He caught up to me, placing a hand on mine, which clutched the reins so hard that my knuckles were white. He loosened my fingers a bit.
    "I'm sorry." I whispered. My words were carried softly into the surreal area. Our mounts made their way to the only exit, since I'd asked Mother to seal the gate. I also said I'd open it form the inside when we would return.
    Though I'd also said that if it became agonizingly long, for her to retake her position on the throne, since it probably meant we were not coming back.
    "Don't worry; everything will be fine." My brother smiled at me, reassuring me.
    He'd dressed accordingly, to suit the style mortals had these days.
    He wore a simple black shirt, with dark blue jeans and white shoes. His hair had been cut a little, which kind of made me sad. It was nice when it was long. Though even if he was a Vampire, he had no fangs, so there was nothing to be afraid of. Though what he wore suit him perfectly.
    We stepped on through the other side.

    The sun blinded my eyes for a moment, untill I got used to the lighting. I saw Kilunar blink a few times, and even if we were surrounded by trees, the sun shone feverently.
    I dismounted my mare, tieing her reins on the tree so she could eat. Kilunar did the same, then sat down heavily by a large rock. I sat down in front of him.
    "Are you all right?" I asked, worried. He nodded.
    "It'll pass soon. I hope."
    I sighed, lifting my arm up and running my hand through the air, like I was wiping a smudge on the sky. Clouds flitted across and blocked out the sun.
    "The sun back home is not nearly as bright. I wonder why so?" I mused aloud, pooling water into my palms from the nearby river and holding it out for him. "Put this on your eyes. It will help." The water did not trickle out of my hands like normal. Only one who could control the element could do this.
    He put a small puddle in each hand and rubbed it against his eyes, finding that he could open them afterwards. I put the water back in the river.
    "Better?" I asked, smiling.
    He nodded, getting to his feet. He held out a hand for me to take, of which I did.
    Taking the reins of our horses in our hands, we motioned for them to follow our tug. The branches were quite low, and going horseback would only prove to be futile.
    "Where do you suppose we are?" I asked, making my way through the bushes that lay at my feet.
    "No idea. I just hope we are close to where the Dark Ones are."
    "Yes, same here."
    I pushed away the last big branch in my way, holding it to let my brother through before I let it go. I looked around the area cleared of trees.
    There was a town to the East, and plenty of forestry surrounding it.
    "Won't it look weird, two travelers on horseback in this modern age? They have things called cars nowadays." I told him, looking around some more.
    "Have you been here before?" He asked. I shook my head.
    "I've dreamt of this place since I've been very young."
    He smiled.
    "How about we let these two roam around in the forest - protected, of course - and we call them to us when we need them?" He suggested. I nodded, making them happy and exited.
    I placed my hands on Lunars' back, closing my eyes and inhaling.
    "Shield." I simply said, and an invisible layer of magic envelopped her body. I gave her the go-ahead, and she tread into the forest, with Shadow at her heels. I smiled at my brother.
    "That was a great idea you had there." I commented, walking along the black paved road towards the town.
    "Oh, try not to refer to them as 'Mortals'. They call themselves humans. Or try 'Sir', 'Miss', things like that." I beconed and stepped into the town, a black car whisked by, splashing me with water. My fingers twitched, but I said nothing, shaking the water from my arms and hat. I didn't use my powers.
    Why aren't you using your powers? My brother asked me with our telepathy.
    Think about it, just for a moment. I waited for it to click, then nodded with a curt smile.
    A man in a blue uniform walked up to us. My fingers tensed, and I wished for the weapon at my side. Something told me that this man was not coming for a normal talk.
    "ID?" He asked. He souned like he would kill us if he was allowed. Kilunar tensed.
    "Sorry, we're only passing through. We're nomads." I simply said, trying to sidestep him, holding one of Kilunars' hands tightly. He held mine tightly in response. I guess it gave us a sense of security.
    "No ID?" He motioned with his head at someone. The smell of bloodlust was there, and I spun around in time to be knocked out cold.

    Kilunar Julien Keiko

    My head throbbed, it felt like fifty hammers pounded at my skull. My eyes didn't want to open, but a part of me knew we were in danger. I immediately opened them and stood to my feet.
    I was in a stone room, which had metal bars at the front and a giant lock. I glanced around. To the left of the stone room, another metal door blocked me from going into the second small stone room. Further off, the sound of clinking chains was heard, the cracking of something, and the smell of blood was in the air. I glanced around for Nereza.
    "Looking for your friend now, are you?" A voice sounded. I hissed slightly - a natural predator reaction - and I tensed up at the sight of the blue-uniformed man.
    "Where is she?!" I hissed, grasping a metal bar in my hand and staring at the man. I held back from letting my eyes glow red. When they did that, someone usually died.
    "She's in the 'Interrogation Room'." He quoted the word, and after that, a scream was heard, and another crack. I knew what he meant.
    "That's forbidden since the Medieval times!" I held the bar tighter, loosing my control over my Vampire self. I saw red.
    The metal bar bent under my hand, and with my other hand I bent another one. The gap that was made was big enough to let me through, so I stalked through, approaching the man.
    I didn't care what happened to him now, and I hoped she'd forgive me for that. I slashed his neck with my fingernails, so he fell to the floor in a pool of his own putrid blood.
    I ran down the large corridor to the open area where the cracking sounded. I saw another man in blue, simply grabbed him by the throat, and threw him against a wall. His skull cracked open, and his spine shattered into a thousand pieces. I looked around the room, no longer sensing any mortals. I got control over myself, so the red vision left. I saw better.
    Chains moved in the corner; I turned my head to the sound.
    She lifted her brown haired head, her eyes locking onto mine. Her face was free of anything, but the worst was not her face, anyways.
    They'd stripped her down to her undergarnments, and they'd tortured her. Many cuts were bleeding, but some were scarring. Others dissapeared as her enhanced healing abilities took over. It was disastrous; she'd been hung up by her wrists to the ceiling so she hovered over the ground. A small pool of blood was at her feet.
    I held calm, jumping up and striking the chains with my nails. She fell to her feet, and the first thing she did was hug me. She seemed so small and so fragile right now, I thought that if I touched her, she'd shatter.
    "Did you kill that man?" She whispered, her voice laced with tears.
    "Of course." I held her tightly, my head against her hair.
    "Good." I never expected her to be happy with it, even if justified. But she was in a sort of shock, I could tell. I stroked her hair and looked her in the eye.
    "Don't worry; everything's okay. They won't ever be doing something like that again."
    "Thank you." She smiled, so I knew she'd be okay. she stretched over on her toes and kissed me.
    I felt her tears falling down her cheeks; I wiped them away with my thumbs. After she'd gotten a hold of herself, I went to go fetch her clothes in the main office.
    "Thank you." She whispered, tugging them on. Her wounds on her arms and her collarbone were visible, so I placed my hand on a bleeding wound on her left arm, closing my eyes. She breathed slightly less ragged when I removed my hand. There was no mark of a wound in that area. She sat down, and I sat beside her, healing each of her wounds one by one.
    "Where else does it hurt?" I asked when I was done.
    She pointed to her heart.
    "I never thought someone could be so cruel."
    I understood her a little. Her view of the world was one where no one could hurt - or, not this much - and now, that was shattered. I hugged her tightly.
    "Think this through, Nereza. What we are getting into is far worse than this." I stroked her hair.
    She stared at me.
    "I know. I want to rid the world of the Dark Ones so no one will suffer like this."
    I smiled, kissing her forehead.
    "That's what I wanted to hear."
    She hugged me again.
    "Um, brother?" She whispered.
    "Can we stay like this, just for a little longer?"
    I smiled.
    "Of course." I held her tightly, though tenderly.