• "You're gonna love it at River Bend. We have tons of sports, clubs, and you can have your own pet with you here. It's recommended, actually. I have a 5 foot albino corn snake. His name is Alistair. Don't worry, he doesn't bite, as long as you don't bite him first. The room is pretty big, and has 2 bedrooms so you don't have to worry about privacy. We do have uniforms, but the teachers are pretty loose about that. You just have to be showing the school insigna. Class starts at eight p.m. and end at 3. We have almost the same schedule, so I can show you to your classes. Are you getting all of this?"
    "Yeah, I got it." I said as we walked up to a door that had "713" painted in silver across the top.
    "Now this," he gestured toward the door, "is where you're gonna be staying for the next 4 years." He opened the door and guided me in.
    Sweet Isis, I'm in paradise. I thought. "We live here? It's amazing!" Seriously, shag carpeting, modern, plasma t.v, He's rich! My roomie is filthy rich! "How did you afford all of this? It's like I died and went to teenage heaven!"
    "Hehe, yeah my dad owns Hot Topic. He lets me and my twin sister, Jade, design some of the accessories and apparel. I'm working on a new line of belts, and I could use some help if you want to. Your bedroom is through that door over there. Your aunt sent you some clothes and a few of your belongings. And don't worry about unpacking anything, it's already put away."
    "Wow, thank you! This is great! I'll go put my bag away. So what about text books and school supplies?"
    "Taken care of. You have nothing to worry about." he smiled. "I'm gonna go finish my nap, so you can hang out if you'd like." he walked out of the room and through the door that was next to mine. I looked around the room, admiring my roomie's style. Tokio Hotel and Bullet for my Valentine posters, autographed guitars...Wow. He's just like me... I wonder what his sister's like. He said that they were twins. Fraternal or identical? Just as I finished the thought, there was a knock at the door. A girl with a high soprano voice said
    "Hello? Skyler, are you there? It's me, Jade! Lemme in! Is she here? You know I wanna meet Scarlett! She's the best fighter that the Night World has ever seen! LEMME IN!!!"
    "Ugh... it's too early..." groaned Skyler as he trudged towards the door. He opened it and as soon as it was wide enough for a teenage girl to squeeze through, a whirlwind of white hair and questions began.
    "Hi Scar! Or do you prefer Scarlett? Can I call you Scar? I'm Jade, Sky's twin sister. I'm a vampire too, but you probably figured that out already. Can we be friends? I can show you all around the school. I know everybody, all the cliques, couples, and latest gossip. I can't believe that I'm meeting you! You're one of the best fighters that the Night World has ever seen! Can you really contro fire because I think that's waaay cool..." she babbled.
    "Is there an off button on her?" I stage-whispered to Skyler.
    "Yeah, he whispered back. "JADE!! SHUT UP!! IT'S WAAAYY TOO FREAKING EARLY FOR THIS CRAP!!" he shouted. Jade's face went totally innocent .
    "I'm sorry. I didn't know I annoyed you. I'll just go now." she whispered and walked toward the door. "I'll see you in class. Bye Scarlett." She turned back around and walked out. That was so fake. Sky shut the door behind her.
    "Damn. She never shuts up. Then she thinks that she can sway people with her insane acting skills." he said.
    "She could've won an Oscar." I said.
    "She wants to be an actress. Surely, that one would've fooled any human. She's got promise. She even fools some of her teachers into dismissing her assignments. That way she has more time designing the newest Hot Topic apparel."
    "Well, I could say mine cought on fire," I joked as i created a miniature flame in the palm of my hand.
    "Sweet." said Skyler. "I have a Gift too, but it's not nearly as impressive. I can bring out people's worst memories in their dreams. But sometimes I do it in my sleep and I don't even know it. It's caused a lot of problems for me."
    "That's awesome. I've never heard of that before. It's unique." I said. "And it is very impressive."
    "Thanks, Scarlett. But I think you're right, I haven't heard of any other Night person who has this kind of Gift. It's just that my parents have amazing abilities and I just screw up people's beauty sleep." he said glumly.
    "What Gifts do your parents have?" I asked.
    "My mom's a strong mind-reader and a telepath, and my dad can feel and manifest other's emotions," he said. "My dad could calm a room of rioters, and mom can always tell what I'm thinking and give me mental input. It sucks."
    "That's not all that bad," I said sympathetically. "I live with my aunt and uncle who have no idea how to help me control my Gift. I've set fire to 3 houses, 2 apartments, a Chevy pickup and a couple of city parks. All because they couldn't help me when I lost control." I said, suddenly lost in flashbacks.
    "Scarlett?" said Skyler, who was staring at me with a total "What the hell" look. "Scar?" He started waving his hand in front of my face. "Spacing! Back-to-Earth time! SCARLETT!!"
    "Oh, sorry. I was having flashbacks. Really crappy flashbacks... Were you doing that?" I asked skeptically.
    "No, it wasn't me. So what were your flashes of?" he asked.
    "It was the first time I ever used my affinity. I was 3 years old. I was playing in the living room with my parents, and some Night people came to our house. One was a middle-aged vampire and the other was a werewolf. They talked with my parents, and eventually started arguing with them. My dad told them to leave, and they refused. So the vampire pulled a gun and shot my dad. He didn't die, but he was on the ground and bleeding badly. My dad was a shapeshifter, so a regular bullet didn't kill him. So when the shooter realized he wasn't dead, he pulled out a pencil and stabbed him. Lead is poisonous to 'shifters.
    "And my mom, who I get my fighting skills from, pulled out her fighting stick and started fighting. They were shouting the entire time, the strangers were saying things like: 'She's a mutant!' and 'Kill the freak!' And the entire time my mom had been shouting 'She can't help it! Leave her alone!' And that's when I snapped. The entire house exploded and the killers died instantly. The fire burned everything it touched, including my mother who was on the ground. My aunt showed up then, because she was supposed to go to lunch with us. She saw the burned corpses and my crying on the floor, so she grabbed me and ran. Later, I found out that the people that killed my parents were from the High Council. And the aged vampire was the leader, Hunter Blackthorne. That's why a lot of immortals hate my guts." I finished. "And now you know my life story."