• From the very beginning I was against it. I loathed my bloodline, my parents, my ancestors, and everyone else. Just because I knew everything was going to change, and it had. The painful dreams that re-occurred, the racing and halting heartbeat, and the toothaches. Those were just samples of my new life as a fledgling. Life was only just beginning to twist itself around in ways I had not imagined. You read about things like that happening in teen thriller books, but you do not realize the impact of the situation until you actually begin to experience it.

    It took me a while to get used to. After learning about all the changes had to offer I kind of started liking what had happened. Maybe I was just being indecisive. Do I bask in the glory of being a killer or do I continue to hate what could not ever be reversed? I’ve thought about that question one too many times. But is too many times enough?

    After being a fledgling for five months now has given me enough time to think. But still I ponder. There isn’t anything that I can do though. A curse is a curse. I was cursed at age fifteen. Once fifteen, every child of a human and a vampire becomes a half-blooded vampire. It all began in the late 1830’s when vampires were discovered. The usual ‘kill them with a stake’ and the occasional vampire falling in love with a human. But when they mated? Problem. Some vampires disliked the idea of half-blooded babies. Others wanted to have children, they wanted them to live a longer than average life but not as long as a true vampire. So, to make ends meet and not start a war, the head of the Henderson family proposed to created a formula which five families could partake. With a majority vote for the formula, Marc Henderson held a contest: last five out of fifteen families receives the formula. My family was one of the five that survived.

    Marc, being the scientist who created the formula, continued his research on his formula and half-blooded vampires. Over the years he discovered how long a half-blood lives, the power that can be transferred from a vampire’s kiss, an improved formula, and the knowledge on how to gain control over the entire vampire population. He started out by killing off each clan. My clan was the only one left standing in this gloomy, ruined world. My family, the Valadon’s, and the Henderson family are the two strongest families alive.