• How you've changed my world you precious thing
    The great, powerful, vampire stared into the young woman's eyes, seeing nothing but his stolen lover as she gazed back into his. A mix of hatred and depression was held in an expression on his face.
    "M-Master, w-what's wrong?" the draculina stuttered nervously.
    You starve and near exhaust me
    "You, Seras. The way you act, the way you speak, you are nothing more than a mirror image of Mina."
    The anger faded into sadness.
    "Tell, me, why do you fear me."
    "Yo-you're just so terrifying."
    "Yes but why?"
    "You're ruthless, you're so secluded, and I never know when you're going to snap!" she finally broke. She quickly covered her mouth with her hand.
    "It's all right, Seras. I asked you to give me the truth and you gave it to me."
    "I'm sorry master."
    Everything I've done I've done for you
    Alucard took her wrists and pinned her to the wall.
    "When I let you go, you will drink my blood and be free from me forever."
    Seras whimpered as he leaned in and nipped at her neck.
    "I can't, Master, I can't! Is there some other way for-"
    I move the stars for no one
    Alucard pushed her further into the wall.
    "Do as I say, Seras!"
    He stared at her expression. She was absolutley terrified. He loosened his grip on her.
    "Seras, you have to drink or you will forever be bound to my side."
    You run so long, you've run so far
    "I can't, I'm not strong-"
    "Don't you dare say that! Seras Victoria you are second only to me in strength! In the thirty years I've been gone, you've done nothing but work yourself to the bone."
    You're eyes can be so cruel
    She looked down then stared back up into his, matching his misery, causing his stomach to wrench.
    "I can't, Master, please, don't make me...I don't want-"
    Just as I can be so cruel
    He slammed her back into the wall. There was a sickening crack as they bricks impacted with her spine. She cried out in sheer pain.
    Though I do believe in you
    Seras, I don't think you understand. If you do not free yourself, I will not be able to rest.
    Yes I do
    She raised her head as best she could to match his gaze.
    "N-no. I can't"
    Live without the sunlight
    "Yes, you can."
    "No, Master, I refuse,"
    Alucard's expression shot back to anger. He drove her deeper into the wall.
    He caught himself before he could completley crush her.
    Love without your heartbeat
    "Why? Why won't you drink?"
    I, I can't live within you
    "Because," she started. she coughed up a bit of her own blood.
    " Because why?"
    "I can't live without you. Master, I'm tired of being alone all the time, and if I free myself from you, you'll be gone. Why do you want me to drink so badly?"
    Alucard sighed.
    I can't live within you
    "Because, I can't live within you."