Chapter 11 - The Model W

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    *somewhere in the area of the foested location Phil was in..... he was riding his motorcycle through the road and when his com link activated....he pulled off to the road and contacted whoever was calling him.*

    Phil= This is Phillip McDonald.

    Fleueve (radio)= Phil! I just analized your current position earlier near that abandon park, and you came in contact with other megamen am I correct?

    Phil= Sure did mate. Promehteus and Pandora as well.

    Fleueve (radio)= I analyzed the data of there biometal....and there wearing the biometals YOU, John, Vent, Aile, and Kaolla were retrieveing from Slither inc. 4 years ago! How did they manage to get them!?

    Phil= What the bloody hell!? I thought Vent and Aile turned them in to the....

    Fleueve (radio)= That's what I thought too.

    Phil= They were gonna challenge me after I took out one of those Model W's, then we were attacked by space pirates wearing some kind of armor similar to a biometal.

    Fleueve (radio)= I thought Miss Kay made it clear not to engadge them yet!?

    Phil= I know mate. Just dont go telling her that.

    Fleueve (radio)= Im afraid she already knows. Her satalite feedback devices are far more advanced then ours. Your lucky to be allive right now, and Kay is very upset. She even told you to stay with your crew.

    *suddenly...Kay's broadcast is activated.....*

    Kay (radio)= PHIL!! What are you doing!!? I thought I told you to stay with your crew! Do you ever think before you act!?

    Phil= Sorry hon, but I got one thing on my mind.... finding John. Besides, Im well experianced so I can take care of myself.

    Kay (radio)= That's what I was afraid of. And what about Kos Mos, and the crew?

    Phil= They got Rad, Duke, and Turok on board. There the main muscle incase the Pillar runs into any trouble.

    Kay (radio)= *sighs* Phil, after what you been through, I don't blame you. But you still took off without my concent. You can make yourself a target for those new space pirates.

    Phil= Im sorry Kay. But John is like a brother to me.

    Kay (radio)= *sighs*......, just give me your location....ok?

    Fleueve (radio)= Miss Kay, what are you planning to do?

    Kay (radio)= Fleveve, you got Phil's quardnates correct?

    Fleueve (radio)= Yes Miss Kay but....why?

    Kay (radio)= Phil..... im comming with you.

    Phil= WOAH!?

    Kay (radio)= I should be doing something too. All I been doing was sitting on a desk doing work and barely do any fighting. Im sorry if I scolded you. Just...wait for me.

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    *meanwhile.......back at hunters camp.......John, Ashe, and Grey came back via transporter looking disapointed and rather currious.*

    John= Now who would trash that door for?

    Ashe= Probably someone that dosent want us getting that train fixed.

    Grey= It probably was either Prometheus or Pandora.

    John= Not quite. That door was attacked from the other side and it dosent look like either one did it. I know cause I fought them before.

    Grey= You fought Prometheus and Pandora!? No way.

    John= Oh yeah, that's when they had control over Slither inc. Serpant was being used by them, and he was under control of a Model W......I hope the Model W in me will not be the same as that one.

    Ashe= Well, Master Albert did tell us about the giant tree, why not we go that way?

    (Music stops)

    John= As a matter of fact, that way was closer than the artic ice flow. ....uhhh.....

    *Suddenly,....John felt his head burn and he fell to his knees.*

    Ashe= John! Are you alright!?

    Grey= Ashe, is John sick!?

    John= ...guh....the Model W.....

    (Music playing - From darkside-Emill/ Tales of Symphonia 2)Download

    *John instantly megamerged with Model W and John's eyes glew red and John's voice and personality changed as if he was a totaly different person.....*

    Grey= John!? The Model W megamerged with you.

    Ashe= John.... are you ok?

    John (Model W)= Were going to the tree. Let's go or do you just wanna stay here and sit back while I do all the damn work!

    Ashe= *gasps* John!.....your voice....your attitude.....are you ok?

    John (model W)= Im fine...... are you squirts commin or not?

    Grey= Sure, were comming ...but...John. Are you sure your...

    Ashe= Grey! No!

    *Ashe catches Grey by his shoulders*

    Grey= Ashe?

    Ashe= Be careful..... I think the Model W is somehow effecting John in a way.

    Model S= Model W!? No fair. Megamerging with John before me. I wanna try double megamerging with you.

    John (model w)= Model S, quit jabberin and go megamerge with one of those kids over there, leave me allone!

    Model S= John!? You never talked like this before.

    *Model S tried to double megamerge with John while in the Model W,... but it didnt work. The power of Model W repeled Model S*

    Ashe= Model S! Wait!

    Model A= Model S are you crazy!? You don't know what that Model W is capable of? You could get your circuts fried or something. You better keep away from John for now.

    John (model w)= Model S, I said stop it, and go play with these kids and make yourself useful.

    Model S= WAHHHHHHH!!!!

    *Model S flew to Grey and tucked into his jacket as if she was crying. Grey could only hold Model S as she sobbed in his hands. Grey began to glare at John suspicously*

    Ashe= Don't be mad at John. It's that Model W.

    Grey= I know. But he hurt Model S's feelings.

    Model A= *Bleh!* I can't believe it! Im not to thrilled of Model S either, but that was just rude! I rather deal with Model S than THAT!

    *As John, Ashe, and Grey walked out, John kicked open the door with unnesasary force and walked out. Ashe and Grey had no choice but to bare with John's dramatic change. Anna walked towards John in his current state and was gonna talk to him.*

    Ashe= Anna!..wait.

    Anna= John, I see your trying out the Model W, how is it huh? Are you fitted comfortable in it?

    John (model w)= Im perfectly fit babe. Me and these terps are headin to the tree to bust some maverick skulls.

    Anna= John.... your voice and attitude.... are you ok?

    Grey= Anna,... be careful.

    John (model w)= Yo! Grey, you lookin too worried. Keep it up and your gonna end up being a softy like this nurse. Anna, why not go see what Jim-boy wants.

    Anna= Oh John.... im so sorry. I never meant to bother you.

    *Elena walks outside and hears the comotion*

    Elena= Anna, are you alright? Is these kids and the guy in the wierd biometal keeping you behind?

    Anna= No, im fine.

    Elena= As for you mister, you better learn how to treat a lady right! Anna, c'mon.

    Ashe= Elena, it's not his fault, it's that Model W. It's turned him.

    Grey= John would never treat Anna like that.

    John (model w)= You got a problem with the way I talk Elena!? Keep it up and your gonna be the one to be working with rookies like these sqrirts.

    Elena= What did you just say?

    Grey= Elena, please? John didn't mean it.

    Ashe= Elena, we can explain...

    Elena= Out of my way while I tell this jerk a word or two. MOVE!

    *Elena shoves Ashe and Grey hard, back a couple of feet from her while she marched to John's face. But John was provoked by her shoving Ashe and Grey and John dashed swiftly and grabbed her by her jacket and held her up by 4 feet and pressed her to a wall*

    John (model w)= So you enjoy picking on little kids huh, perhaps alittle b***h slappin would teach you a lesson on being some elete badass, Little miss "Elete Hunter"!

    Ashe= John! That's enough!

    Grey= John, listen to yourself and look what your doing.

    John (model w)= .....very well. You win kid.

    *John lowers Elena, then shoves her backwards and she tripped on the ground.*

    Elena= Ouch! That hurt buster.

    *John stamps his foot hard on the ground*

    John (model w)= Now git yo a** back in that bar! And DONT you EVER let me see you shove another rookie or ill shove you in a damn garbage bin. Now beat it!

    *Elena get's up and runs scared and heads back to the bar. The hunters arround looked suspicous and began to approach the group.*

    Hunter 1= Did he just shove Elena like that!?

    Hunter 2= That wasn't very nice young man! You should tell Elena your sorry.

    Ashe= Wait guys.... it's the Model W he has on.

    Grey= He wouldn't do that to her. Honestly...

    Model S= It's that mean ol' Model W megamerging with my John.... it's making him mean.

    Anna= it's true. John is unstable right now. It be best to avoid John while he's in that biometal.

    Hunter 2= Ok, Anna.

    Hunter 1= But if we see him act that way again, im reporting him to the hunters guild.

    John (model w)= Ashe, Grey... these people are begining to bother me. We need to get to that crashed ship as soon as we can or we'll never get that piece of crap train fixed.

    Anna= Im so sorry that John's behaving this way. You better go back to your posts. Ashe, Grey, you 2 take care of yourselves and watch over John ok?

    Grey= We will. Thanks Anna.

    Ashe= Were terribly sorry. Were so sorry guys.

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    *Later, through the red security door, the same way they met Owl and the way they took to the artic ice flow, they took the other direction, a higher area and met a large man with a small girl he was holding.*

    Little girl= Hello there.

    Ashe= Hi.

    Grey= Hello.

    Little girl= Is this the first time we've met? My name is Blossom! And this is my daddy!

    Man= .......,

    Blossom= Oh, my daddy's name is Warren!

    Ashe= Pleased to meet you.

    Grey= Nice meeting you too.

    Blossom= And who's that guy behind you? I heard from the other side of hunters camp that he's the new hunter, and he started out like some nice guy, but he got into trouble with an elete hunter named Elena.

    John (model w)= She's got herself to blame for what happened. You and your daddy should stay away from snot nosed people like her. She was acting all big and bad, and that's not a good image for any hunter.

    Grey= John!?

    Ashe= This guy hre, his name is John. He's not feeling very well because of that Model W he's megamerged with. He's a nice guy, really.

    Blossom= Don't worry. I believe you. But some people may not understand him, Mr. John, please be careful ok?

    John (model w)= *giving a Prometheus style cackle* Don't worry little girl, I will. It's those mavericks that need to watch out.

    Blossom= When I grow up, I'm going to be a great Hunter and look for booty too! Daddy, isn't that right?

    Warren= ...

    Ashe= Thanks for your time. Im Ashe, and im gonna be a great hunter and be in the history books. John is in the history books too.

    Blossom= That's right, John.... no I remember, he's Mega Man Plum, the guy who saved that other continent 4 years ago.

    Grey= I never knew that. Oh, *chuckles* Im Grey.

    John (model w)= I'll come back and see you later when im felling better.

    *John gives a urban style gesture as a way of saying "see you later". Blossom waves back and Warren nods his head, and Ashe, Grey and John are near the door to the Tower of Verdure, a tree shaped tower that acted just like a tree. All 3 entered the door and was inside it*

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    Ashe= Grey, Model S looks a bit down, why not you megamerge with her and make her feel better until John recovers.

    Grey= Ummmmm, ok. Is that ok with you Model A?

    Model A= Uh ok.

    Model S= Thank you so much Grey, and you too Model A. *giggle heart

    *Model S mimes and makes kissing sounds on Grey's face*

    Grey= He, cut it out will ya?

    Model A= Sheesh,... girls, especally a biometal.

    Ashe= Hey!?

    Model A= Ok, im sorry. Let's just go.

    *Ashe megamerges with her Model A, Grey megamerges with both Model A and Model S, while John remains in the Model W. Now Grey feels double the power from his normal usual self and he and Ashe began to fire on an incoming Fantacle as it bursted from the walls to attack, Ashe and Grey manovered them while John fired at it with his deadly energy weapon. As the Fantacle was destroyed, the red cyber soul flew out from it and transported to Grey.*

    Model S= This is another bullet type cyber soul, I can use this as a blade type sub weapon to saw down enemies. You should give it a try.

    Grey= Ok, whatever you say Model S.

    *Grey equipped the red cyber soul and a Fantacle shaped throwing star was swung as soon as he used it and took out other fantacles with it. When they all reached the door to the center of the tower,....the alarm sounded and all the 1st floor doors instantly locked.*


    Model A= Y-Yo this isn't good!

    Ashe= It's no good, the doors are locked!

    Grey= Rats! Just our luck.

    Albert (radio)= This is Albert! Are you alright, Ashe!? Are you ok, Grey? That old tower was built to surveil the surrounding area. The security has been fortified against Mavericks, but there seems to be a malfunction. There should be a computer at the top that controls the security system. You must get in there and disarm the system, everyone.

    John (model w)= What are we standing arround here for!? Let's hop to it.

    *Ashe, Grey, and John jumped from platform to another climbing upwards to reach the top fighting incomming mechanloids alling the way. There was a large pick up item allong the way, but as soon as Ashe got near it, it was a Poyoko that was in a disguise of an item, but John zapped the robot with a small pellet of his blaster, and a blue cyber soul shot out from it and landed onto Grey.*

    Model S= Let's try this one Grey, this is called a familiar. You can use this to create a mechanloid to fight allong side you. Just like turning a maverick into an ally. Pretty neat huh?

    Model A= Sounds like she's having fun. At least she's feeling better now. Im so relieved.

    Ashe= *giggles* Wow, Grey, you got your hands full already.

    Grey= Oh you stop it.

    John (model w)= *Hmph* You two stop horseplaying and watch yourselves.

    *Ashe, Grey, and John reached there first door and as they entered there was a floor with 4 color coded pannels.*

    (Music stops)

    John (model w)= Watch yourselves, something big is headed our way.

    Ashe= Woah, a giant spider....I hate spiders!

    Grey= Yeow!

    Model A= Look out, here it comes!


    Grey= John, does Model S always act like this?

    John (model w)= *errhhhh!!* Just fight the damn thing!!

    (Music playing - Dance Macabre/ Megaman ZX)Download

    *The Spidrill lowers and stretched it's arms that looks like it's marked the same color as the floor pannels. It began to spin like a wheel and John, Ashe, and Grey jumped over the drills from one to another.*

    John (model w)= Stupid spider! Arghhhh!!

    *John quickly angered while megamerged with Model W, fired short fast spurts of his energy weapon on the spidrill and after it stopped spinning, it dropped little mecha spiders called "Expiders", when Grey shot one, a grey cyber soul flew out and landed on Grey, while Ashe blasted the rest and John was concentrating on the Spidrill.*

    Model S= This is an abillity cyber soul, and there rare too, these you dont have to equip to use. I'll tell you later!

    *John was inraged and fired a powerful blast, but he missed and the blast hit one of the colored spider claws, the blue one. Then the blue drill jabbed right for the Blue platform John was standing on.*

    John (model w)= Git your asses over here and jump in here quick!!

    *Ashe and Grey dashed to the hole and John dropped down with them and when they landed on the floor, the Spidrill slammed right through the platforms pursuing them all. As it lowered itself down, John fired another hard blast of his energy weapon and dispatched the giant robot spider. When it exploded, a red cyber soul flung out and landed on Grey.*

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    Model S= This is the soul of that Spidrill, now you can use it's drill to attack your enemies, and it doubles as a drill so you can cut through solid blocks like those metal platforms and steel crates.

    Grey= Your the best Model S.

    Ashe= Perhaps next time, I should try her out.

    John (model w)= Quit jabbering and let's go to that control room and find out what's holding us back!

    Grey= Man! I wish John would get normal soon?

    Ashe= We need to get him to Legion HQ, and find out what's wrong with him.

    *John Ashe, and Grey entered through the other door and battled there way through and took out more mechanloids such as Sawoods, Dynafloors, and a few others John already encountered in the past. They worked their way up wallkicking their way to the top and when they reached the room where the highest rooms available, they entered the next room which meant they were getting close to the control room. They entered the next room and there was a psuderoid encountering a raider.*

    (Music changes to - Fate - deep seated grudge/ Megaman ZX)Download

    User Image

    Rospark= For a Raider to make it this far is quite something... *evil laugh* I like you! Accept my thorny embrace and allow your soul to be scattered like petals on the breeze!

    Raider= *Aargh* S-stay away from me!

    Ashe= Stooooooooop! I'm the one you want!

    Grey= Leave him allone! What's he ever done to you?

    John= (model w)= HEY!!

    Rospark= Hey, rude people! I'm busy. Just wait there! I'll get to you 3 when I finish ripping this man's soul out. What am I doing here? OK, I'll tell you...

    Raider= Graaah!

    *The raider runs away to the next room in fear.*

    Ashe= So, you're the one who caused the security system to malfunction! What are you doing here!?

    Grey= And what do you plan to do with this place?

    *Rospark grabbed a hold of one of the 4 vines and exposed his true form.*

    Rospark= You know, you're really starting to get on my nerves! Now look what you've done! You've let my sacrifice get away! Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Rospark. I sacrifice those unfortunate enough to wander into this tower! You too can become a sacrifice... For the strenght of the new king... Biometal Model W!

    John (model w)= I dont think so pal!

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    User Image

    *Rospark began to shoot electric thorns and move from one vine to another....Ashe used her a-trans and morphed into Chronoforce and chargesd up some energy, while Grey megamerged with both Model A and Model S performed a double jump to avoid the projectiles, and John in Model W wall kicked and climbed the wall from Roaspark's back and fired a few shots. Ashe finished charging her energy and fired a time bomb whick sowed down Rospark's movements. Rospark began to charge some energy and fired a huge electric projectile which hit Grey, but John jumped from the wall and jumpkicked Rospark thus knocking him from the vine. Rospark got back on the vine and began to shoot more electric shots that his Ashe when she morphed back and before she could attack, John fired another few shots of his W cannon and Rospark was dispatched.*

    (Music stops)

    Rospark= How can this be....I lost to a man and coulple of kids! The nerve! That strenght... How!? I'm wilting... wilting! Yeeeargh!

    *Rospark explodes and the Model A's copied his data.*

    John (model w)= We got the culprit everyone, this door. Come!!

    Grey= Ok, you dont have to talk to us like that.

    Ashe= Careful Grey, John can't control this while he's in that biometal.

    *All 3 entered the next room and there was the frightened raider and in the upper center of the room, there was a model W hanging.*

    Grey= Look! A Model W.

    Ashe= And there's that raider.

    John (model w)= Hey, scardy cat! Your safe now.

    Raider= *Ugh* You're one of the gang who attacked our airship, aren't you!? No... Stop... Stay away...!

    Model A= It's no use... He's in a total panic.

    Ashe= Calm down! I'm here to help you!

    Grey= Your fine now, just relax.

    Raider= S-S-Stay back, get away!

    John (model w)= Get over here quick raider! The Model W....it's gonna....

    *Suddenly the Model W from above acivated and the purple aura fired out and hit the raider and drained out his soul into itself.*

    Raider= Eeeaghhh!

    Ashe= What the... What just happened?

    Grey= He... he's dead.

    John (model w)= Damn......urgh.....

    *The Model W deactivated and John came back to normal*

    Grey= John.....are you alright?

    John= What the heck just happened? I felt like I was someone else.

    (Music playing - Fate, deep seated grudge/ Megaman ZX)Download

    *Suddenly 2 strange indivisuals teleported and it was none other than Aelous and Siarnaq.*

    User Image
    User Image

    Aeolus= Total and utter defeat... That man, unable to endure the terror, fell victim to Model W.

    Model A= Model W!? This humongous thing is a Biometal!?


    Ashe= Who the heck are you!?

    Grey= Who are you people?

    John= Hey, aren't you with Atlas and Thetis?

    Aelous= You three, the Chosen Ones for Model A? What a disappointment!

    *Aelous and Siarnaq each shouted Megamerge and megamerged with their biometals.*

    Aeolus= I am Aeolus, the Wind Mega Man, Model H.


    Model A= Model H, Model P... Are these the other Mega Men Prometheus was talking about!?


    Ashe= Wait, I'm right here! Are you just gonna run away!?

    Grey= Where are you 2 going?

    Aeolus= Us? Run away? Don't be stupid! We're letting you live for now. Right now, our first priority is developing Model W. We can take care of you anytime. Especally you Mega Man plum. A poor excuse for a megaman whom he shares his own biometal. A proper megaman never shares his biometals.


    Ashe= Hey! You mean that Model W caused all of those Mavericks!?

    Aeolus= Your ignorance knows no bounds... The fact that you even need to ask shows that you are not fit to be a Mega Man. You may live for now. But the next time we meet will be your last.

    *Aelous and Siarnaq teleported away allong with the Model W.*

    John= Aw....damn! That Aelous sounds like a total snob. And he acts as if he could beat me!?

    Grey= Your tellin me. John...are you ok?

    Model S= Ohhhhhh John! I was sooooo worried!

    *Model S disembarked from Grey and megamerged with John at once.*

    John= That was kind'a rude Model S. Disembarking from Grey like that. I was gonna let him keep you on until we can get back to the hunter base.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *Suddenly, the com link opened and there was an incomming comunication link.*

    Albert (radio)= Finally, we were able to reach you. Are you OK? We've verified that the security system has indeed been disarmed. Now, you should be able to continue.

    (Music changes to - Twisted Vine/ Megaman ZXAdvent)

    *John, Ashe and Grey entered the next room and entered a hallway with vines and a collum of spikes on the floor.*

    Model A= Be careful, everyone! There are thorns everywhere. Oh yeah! You can morph into Rospark! Stand near in front of the vines and poles, and Rospark will grab hold of them. You can also move sideways, vine to vine or pole to pole. You can also use Rospark's arms to attack enemies. Charge some energy and release it to do an electric attack! Oh? It looks like Rospark has one more attack! You can also shoot Rospark's thorns. Charging energy and releasing it will also do an electric attack! It's allot to learn isn't it?

    *John, Ashe, and Grey megamege into Model A and used the A-trans to morph into Rospark and grabbed the vines and grabbed from one after the other untill they reached the other end from the thorn pit. They found a transporter and they all got into it and teleported back to the first floor. The first floor had now been opened and all 3 ventured into the teleporter and all 3 stood on it and submitted there reports and recieved some E crystals.*

    John= Looks like this chamber goes in a bit further. We better check it out.

    Model S= It's great to have you back John.

    Grey= Im happy too. I don't like that mean verson of you at all.

    John= It's ok Grey, I been through worse, believe me. I was put against some good people and was brainwashed too. My mind and personality shifted into someone I wasn't.

    Ashe= Let's go through this door.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *John Ashe, and Grey enter the door and they were in a chamber like they never seen before. When John looked down on the catwalk and looked at another door similar to the one they seen before....John saw the total damage on the door and it looked rather nasty.*

    John= Everyone! Look at this!

    Grey= It's the door to the artic ice flow.

    (Music playing - The grudge/ Tales of Symphonia)Download

    Ashe= Someone must not want us to get to the crash site.

    John= Before we go, I need to look at this.

    *John examined the door and used his sonic screwdriver and examined the door. Then he took out a pocket sized crystal ball and peered hrough it and pointed it to the area of the door as if he was looking through a scope. The crystal ball revealed a shape of Zero using a fierce ramming attack and taking off from another area.*

    Grey= What is it John?

    John= I shoulive known it was him again.

    Grey= Who.

    John= Omega Zero. He did this.

    Ashe= Him? Oh .... right. He must have done allot to upset you.

    Grey= And he killed some of your good friends.

    John= I can't .......ahhhh......I can't ever forgive him for what he did. He killed Colonel, Kraft and Giro. He almost killed a bunch of my friends..... he almost killed Serpant. He almost killed Phil.

    Ashe= We can deal with him when the time comes.

    John= I will deal with him when the time comes. There's no reason to put you 2 into jepoardy. Vent and Aile nearly got killed fighting that heartless murderer! I could have stopped them, then Giro wouldive been alright.....

    Grey= John! Hang in there.

    Ashe= John....look....im sorry for your losses. But dont let that be a reason to carry the burdeon allone. Im sure this Phil guy you mensoned will eventually show up.

    John= .....your right. We better get going.

    (Music changes to - Flashover/ Megaman ZXAdvent)Download


    John= Thanks for reminding me. Let's go pop those switches. Best split up and make good use of the Model A's.

    Model A= Now your talkin!

    Model S= Dont forget me!

    *Ashe morphed into Buckfire and broke the wall and shot the first elemental switch. Grey and John morphed into Rospark and climbed the vines and Grey searched and hit the second switch. John ventured the deepest and into the water and he morphed into Chronoforce and submerged into the water chamber and hit the last switch.*


    *All 3 regrouped and walked through the unlocked safety doors and when they walked outside, it was in the area of a desert. They seen an injured raider sitting in the ground.*

    Ashe= Hey! Are you ok?

    Raider= Ugh... Ug... Help me... Our airship is under attack by something nasty... It intends to massacre us all!

    Ashe= A massacre!?

    Grey= Were here to help!

    John= Hold still.

    *John casted (cure 2) on the raider.*

    Raider= Woah....what...what pleasent light. I feel better. Thank you megaman plum! You are defently a legend!

    John= John will do just fine sir.

    Raider= Please...call me Dan. Please help the others in the ship.

    *Suddenly, the com-link went off*

    Thomas (radio)= This is Master Thomas. It seems you've arrive at the crash site. That entire area is an underground resource mining facility. If that airship explodes, it will trigger the entire facility to detonate.

    John= Oh god no. If this place goes up in smoke, so do the parts we need.

    Thomas (radio)= Exactly. You must save the ship and the facility at once. There's no time to waste. GO!

    Model A= He means we're going to be blown away! C'mon, let's get outta here!

    Ashe= ...The airship is this way, right?

    Model A= I don't get it. Those guys are all Raiders. Are you sure you want to help those guys!? Technically, they're your enemies, right?

    Ashe= It doesn't matter who they are. This is the story of my life! I don't want to live my life with regrets! I shouldn't need a reason to save lives!

    Grey= That's what I say too.

    Model A= OK, OK, if you feel that strongly about it... You want me to go with you right? Well, let's go, Ashe!

    Thomas (radio)= If the airship is destroyed, you won't be able to recover any of its parts. Anyway, you have to prevent the worst from happening. Hurry, everyone.

    *Transmission ends*

    *John Ashe and Grey darted to the direction of the ship through the facility and blasted every mechanloid in there paths. Most of the mechanloids John already collected cyber souls from, including the fire dart that John collected from his previous adventure with Model S in Vent and Aile's home land. There were tall towers of air vents, fire, smoke, and lots of heat venting from them. Also the lands were full of sand and sun scorched buildings. Ashe, Grey, and John continued to look for survivors. As they avoided the traps and dispatched many mavericks, they entered the next zone, the path had gotten more dangerous as they procedded. The mechanloids they met before on the train, artic flow, and great tree were in packs in some areas making them more dangerous. John started to use his magic he learned from his past travels and used lightning and ice magic to attack the mechanloids since they seemed vunerable to it. The galleon bikers began to race towards them but John was able to defeat them with the cyber souls he collected before too. The terrian began to get more dangerous too so John checked the landscape carefully so he could guide Ashe and Grey across safely. Later, they reached their way to the 3rd area of the desert and fought mechanloids across pipe like platforms and reached a huge bottomles pit with cables with the electric flowers they seen at the great tree before. Everyone used Model A's A trans and morphed into Rospark and climbed their way across it. Then they had to re-morph because they reached the other side and it had a pipe too high to jump. (Rospark's form could never scale it) and they reached a sant hill where they face a desert aspis.*

    (Music changes to - Dance Macabre/ Megaman ZX)Download

    *The huge head of the Desert Aspis arose and it began to spit oil from it's mouth and began to spit out fireballs in a form of a rolling shield. Ashe and Grey morphed into Buckfire to jump over the flames but John had other plans. He casted (Thunder 2) causing it serious damage while Ashe and Grey fired the arrows at the head of the robotic snake. Then it rose up more and tried to slam on the kids but they got away safely and John casted (Ice 2) on the desert aspis giving it more damage. Then Ashe and Grey turned into normal form and with Model A's blasters, they fired charged shots on the head of it, thus dispatching it.*

    (Music returns to - Flashover)Download

    *A grey cyber soul flung out of the desert Aspis's remains and landed onto John who was wearing Model S.*

    Model S= Oh yeah! With this cyber soul, you can perform a rolling move after a dash. You can even mix an attack with this too. Even you can use other biometals with me and you should try many combinations. But it only works for human shapes. It has no effect for A trans morphs.

    John= Great. Sounds usefull. Hey look.....isnt that a .......

    Ashe= It's the raider ship ahead.

    Grey= A raider ship?

    Ashe= This is where I met Prometheus.

    *John, Ashe, and Grey entered the raider ship and when they were inside, the ship was a wreck and insides of it were badly damaged. Windows were cracked and pipings were totaled. And the ship also had no power so the doors werent working. There were some doors that were opened and opperable. Ahead of the hallway was the main door to the bridge and there was a raider sitting on the floor.*

    Raider= Are you here to help us? Some of us weren't able to get out in time. They're still trapped in that room. There's something funny going on with the power. Some of the doors won't open... Please... All of my friends are in that room. Please get them out.

    John= Hang in there.

    *John casted (cure 2)*

    Raider= Thank you Megaman Plum. Your a lifesaver.

    John= I would rather be called John.

    Raider= My name is Tom. Nice to meet you, now please save the others.

    John= Ashe, Grey, im gonna get the power back on. You 2 can look for survivors.

    Ashe= Hold on buddy....im in charge here. I'll do the power room, you look for the survivors. You can heal them with your magic. Grey, stay with this guy.

    *Ashe heads to the power room while John goes into other rooms and slashes a mechanloid holding raiders hostage. And John cured one after another, and when he was done, Ashe fixed the power room.*

    Tom= You guys are alright,

    Raider 1= Yes we are, thanks to the legendary megaman.

    Raider 2= Thank you lavendar megaman.

    Raider 3= You need to save our boss. The girl got the power back so go now to the bridge.

    John= Ok, im on it.

    Grey= Should we wait for Ashe?

    John= You and her look after the raiders. They may need protection.

    *John entered the door to the bridge and Ashe came out of the power room.*

    Ashe= Where did John go?

    Grey= John went through the door and....

    Ashe= Darn it! Why dont he listen!

    Raider= The door is locked.

    Ashe= OOooh!

    *Meanwhile in the bridge of the ship, John looked over the area and saw Atlas and followed her.*

    Atlas= So, those Raiders escaped through here. Every last one of you will become nourishment for Model W!

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *Atlas jumped down the tunnel to the safe chamber. John jumped down to catch up with her.*

    John= Atlas! Wait up!

    (Music playing - Fate- Deep seated grudge/ Megaman ZX)Download

    Atlas= So you managed to say alive, Mega Man Model S. Don't tell me you're here to help the Raiders? They're not even your allies.

    John= I heard what you said earlier about the raiders. So your gonna sacrifice them to Model W? That's sheer murder!

    Atlas= Hmph, you get to hang out with some low class kids who got some Mega Man power and all of a sudden you think you 3 are some kind of heroes. The history of the world, the history of the war... And now, the strongest of those who evolved as a product of war remain. A newly crowned king of Mega Men will soon spawn a new evolution. Mega Man's power is the strenght to fight. Those without strenght don't evolve. You who have the strength to evolve and scurry with low class megamen thinking your on some kind of adventure.

    Model A= So you feed them to Model W? I'd say that's pretty barbaric progress.

    Model S= Were not gonna let you take anymore lives for some so called "evolution"!

    Atlas= What would you know!? You can't even comprehend your own power. If I'm the one that's wrong, try and beat me!

    *Atlas megamerged with Model F*
    User Image

    John= You really dont want to do this.

    Atlas= Dont go soft just because im a woman.

    (Music changes to - Slam Down/ Megaman ZXAdvent)Download

    *Atlas began to use her megaton busters and fires at John, John dodges them shots by using that new power he got from the desert aspis and wall kicked to the top platform.*

    John= Atlas! Stop this now! This is senseless!

    Atlas= SHUT UP!!

    *Atlas wall kicked to the platform and fired at John but John jumped down and John casted (slow) on Atlas. Atlas didnt give up and she used the Model F ability to channel shots to shoot John with. John got hit by a few.*

    John= Now I got no choice but to fight now!

    *John used a cyber soul combination of bullet type, Web bolt,guardian type, cutting gyro, and enhancement type, Heat face. The cyber souls he gained when he was with Vent and Aile 4 years ago. John hovered with the blue cyber soul and he fired spider web shots at Atlas and when Atlas shot John with charged shots, John did not catch fire, but was still hurt by them. Then John hovered down out of Atlas's way. The slow enfeeblement wore off and Atlas began to use her advanced attacks. She charged a shot and fired a huge ball of fiery energy.*

    Atlas= Good Bye!

    *John dodged the shot but as the huge shot hit the wall, it bursted into shots and John used the dash roll move and blocked them with Colonel's saber. This also knicked Atlas and she fell from battle.*

    (Music stops)

    Atlas= Ahhhh! Ehh.. so this is the power of Megaman Plum. You can use mechanloid powers. And you too have Model A?

    John= Just give it up already.

    Atlas= Aren't you going to finish me off? Very well. I yield to you. As long as your opponent is still alive, the Game of Destiny isn't over. One day you'll regret not finishing me off!

    *Suddenly Ashe and Grey appeared*

    Ashe= John, dont you listen to anything I say!?

    Grey= John...are you....huh...Atlas.

    Atlas= Remember this Megaman Plum! It is through struggle that humans learn discipline and grow! I will be Mega Man King, for the war that never ends!

    *Atlas Teleported away*

    (Music playing - Dive into depth/ Megaman ZXAdvent)Download

    John= Hey....what's this. That's not a cyber soul....or a cyber elf....it's some kind of data....Model A is absorbing it.

    *John, Ashe, and Grey recieve Model F's data and suddenly there was this resonating energy that effected Ashe and Grey...and also John as well.*

    Ashe= Aghh! Aaaaarrr!? What's happening!? Model A! Aeighh!

    Grey= Ahhh, Aghh. ARGHHHHHH!!! My head! What is this. AHHHHH!!!

    John= EHHH DAMN! This ..... my head..... Aeighhhh!!

    ????= EXTRACTING FROM CODE AW15 TO CE70. EXPANDING REPORT DATA. ......Congratulations. The Model A which I created is protected by a cipher that is broken only in battle. You, who broke the first cipher, are worthy to know its truth and its power. Through my research of the lost technology, I have created a key to unlock the door to a new evolution. Biometal Model W... He who holds it, will hold the power to rule the world. But it will take much time before people will finally appreciate my work. Saccrifices are nessecary to awaken Model W. Model Ws which I have hidden throughout the world are waiting to be awakened. Waiting for when the one who understands my work appears, to receive the power.

    Ashe= *gulp* ...Model A... What just happened to us?

    Grey= *pants* I felt it too. I seen images of Model W's in my head.

    John= Oh god.... man that sure was unexpected. Man do I hate crude power.

    Model A= Was that the data recorded on me that those Sage guys were talking about? The data on the one who made Model W... and me?

    Ashe= Are you OK, Model A? We'd better go help the others. What about you Model S?

    Model S= Im not part of the M.E.G.A. system so it dosent have any effect on me. I didnt see anything at all.

    Model A= Who made you anyway Model S?

    Model S= I was born in the Tardis so I was created by the Tardis.

    Grey= What's...a...Tardis? Oh, it's that ship that your friends have right?

    Ashe= We need to help the others now.

    *They all entered the next room where the raider leader was. It was Wolff and 2 raiders behind a protective wall.*

    User Image

    Wolff= What!? Woind' heck are you! This shield is made of ceratanium! Your attacks are completely useless against it. So, why don't you save yourself the trouble! Go home!

    Model A= All this talk is starting to get really old. Yo, morph into that Atlas lady, and let's hit 'em hard with a Charge Attack! Say goodbye to that precious shield of yours!

    *Ashe and Grey used the A trans and changed into Atlas and blasted the wall with a charged megaton strike. John leaned on the wall lazly watching.*

    Wolff= waaaagh! P-Please, d-don't hurt me!

    Model A= I thought so... Just a buncha wusses! Morph back, and let's set the record straight...


    Wolff= YOu saved our lives. Thanks allot you lot. Especcaly you Megaman Plum for saving us.

    John= Please drop the "Megaman Plum" stuff. My name is John. Im a traveler.

    Ashe= Next time, stay with us and dont go runnin off anywhere just because your more powerful than me and Grey.

    Grey= Sheesh, I just dont get adults.

    John= Wolff, we need your help. We need this ship of yours for spare parts to fix the hunters train.

    Wolff= Aah, it's already been taken care of. I just sent some of our guys to Hunter's Camp to do the repairs. We were all impressed with your strenght and courage. We're going to clean up our act and work with you as honest goodness bounty Hunters.

    Model A= *chuckle* It looks like you have a follower. It's not a bad feeling to be appreciated.

    Model S= I quite agree. Now we and the raiders can be friends. heart

    Wolff= The repairs should almost be finished. Go back to the camp and have a look. I hope you find out something at Legion, Megaman pl...umm,...John, sir.

    John= Good man. Thanks abunch.

    Wolff= I hope you find out something at Legion! Good luck!

    *John Ashe, and Grey, head to the ship's transiever and submitted the report. Each got payed 200 EC. They all teleported back to Hunters camp.*

    (Music changes to - Outskirts stand/ Pokemon Colluseum)Download

    *Meanwhile.... somewhere in the desert....at the same place where Phil met Jack and the others....the same desert town and diner. Phil was inside the bar having some soda.*

    Phil= Bloody hell. John where could you be?

    Bartender= Glad to have you back Phil. Still worried about that John person are you son?

    Phil= You got no idea how worried I am about him mate. You havent seen him before have you? He looks like this.

    *Phil shows th bartender the photo.*

    Bartender= I never seen him before. Wait.... isnt he that legendary megaman who saved Abagale 104 years ago?

    Phil= I was there. I was there in space when he faced off that Dr. Weil in that Rangarock 2.

    Bartender= Your not serious!?

    Phil= He's alive I tell you. The bloke's a legend. He's also like a brother to me.

    Bartender= Sometimes I hear Kay talk the same way when she comes here. Look, there she is right there.

    *Kay walks into the bar.*

    Kay= Phil, Im sorry about before, but that was still very wreckless.

    Bartender= Welcome back Miss Kay. The ususal?

    Kay= Yeah, just put it on my tab.

    Phil= So hows everyone in the Kakarott?

    Kay= Good. Were still holding the Bonne's and Phenox is in charge for now. Hows the crew in the Pillar?

    Phil= Jack is better than ever. Halkel is working with us now. Ciel and Mer are training and growing up pretty well, dispite that their reploids. *chuckles*

    Kay= Before I arrived, there was some sort of comotion at this hunters camp a few days ago. They said that they brought in John and 2 other kids. One girl who was a survivor of a raider ship crashing and a boy with no memory.

    Phil= John! I knew he would be alright.

    Kay= He's required another biometal too.

    Phil= He also required 3 biometals from Dr. Light's capsules. He gave them to my crew for safe keeping, and Model K is worried sick about Model S.

    Kay= Model S again huh? I bet John is still being called "Megaman Plum". If you ask me, that's a rather silly megaman title.

    Phil= I agree. Serpant was the one who came up with it afterall. And dig this Kay, I found out that Serpant was some sort of inherited son of John. Perhaps the old Ciel was over her metalic heels over this one. I had no idea what gave her that kind of idea to do that for him. Perhaps Ciel really missed John that much.

    Kay= After we finish our soda, were heading to Legion H.Q. and get some help from the leaders and tell them about the situation.

    *So Kay and Phil discussed their plans to head to Legion H.Q., not knowing that John is also on his way, Phil contacts the Pillar to rondeveau with him and Kay there. But still not knowing that his brother Tom is also now hunting for John, allong with 3 new pasangers. What will happen next time?*

    To be continued.......