• I was walking down the tunnel to the sewers when something was crying for help.I ran to where the cry was I mostly saw this animal was bleeding so i put a patch on its wound.I carried the animal which looked like a little bunny.So I walked across the fields when I saw Bryne and he was doing something to a girl who looked like a princess.Please don't harm me!said Aryll.I ran and got in the way of Bryne taking her spirit out of her body.You want a fight huh?he said.Yea i do!I said getting out my sword.You got it.Bryne said.I threw my sword at him.Bryne was bleeding when he was escaping.Wait come back!I yelled.When did you get here?asked Aryll.
    I was heading for the underground fortress in the sewers.I explained.I can take you there!said Aryll.Aryll led me to the underground fortress which was covered in black paint.We're here Namine.said Aryll.By the way whats your real name,Namine?she asked.I cant tell you Im sorry Aryll.I said.Its ok.said Aryll.I entered the fortress but when I entered Bryne stabbed me in the chest.I let out a scream out terror.Aryll entered the fortress with Link.What happened to Namine ,Bryne?!?!?!?asked Aryll.I killed her.said Bryne.Link attacked Bryne with his master sword.Link was killed by Bryne.LINK! Aryll yelled. Bryne laughed but He was killed by a beam of light from Zelda.Zelda!said Aryll. Wheres Link?asked Zelda.He died.said Aryll as she cried.Dont cry Aryll.said Zelda.