• I sit in my room as they bring in the food. They wonder why I won’t eat it. They should really know, since they are the ones that poisoned it. I know they did it. They’re trying to kill me, I just know it. They don’t want me here anymore. As they set the tray down on the floor, I tip it over making sure all it’s contents make it to the floor.

    They get more hostile with me because I won’t eat their food. They say mother will be mad at me for it. I know this isn’t true, since my mother is miles away from this place. She sent me here when she married her ‘wonderful’ husband. Yeah, he was so wonderful that he wanted me gone. She sent me here to get rid of me. She said it was because I needed help, but I knew that wasn‘t the reason. She doesn’t want me anymore. I sit on the floor, rocking back and forth. I’m starting to get thinner from not eating, but I could care less. I’d rather die by starvation than by being poisoned.

    Two guards come in carry me away kicking and screaming. They strap me down to a bed and put a needle in my arm. Almost instantly I’m starting to feel more and more drowsy. My eyes slowly drift closed and I fall into a deep sleep. My dreams are filled with people chasing me with sharp metal objects… and they wonder why I don’t sleep? Even in my dreams people are trying to get rid of me. What is so wrong with me that everyone wants me gone?

    I awaken hours later with a feeding tube down my throat and I begin to struggle, crying and choking on the tube. They’re poisoning me, I know they are. I hurt from the contents entering my system. I cry more and more and slowly the tube starts to be removed from my throat. My hands and feet are unbound and they take me back to my little padded room. I lie down on the mat on the floor and shake with sobs. They’re killing me! Perhaps they’re doing it slowly, but soon their mission will be completed. I have to escape this hell.

    A man comes in to talk to me. He says if I start eating on my own that they will never have to put a feeding tube down my throat again. I turn away from the man, not listening to him as he prattles on about my health. I know they don’t care about my health, so I start thinking of my plan of escape. I decide that I’ll eat a tiny bit of food every day so they will put me into an unguarded room. Once they do that, I can think up the rest of my plan.

    I start eating a tiny bit of their food throughout the next few weeks and they return me to my old room. The one without locks and padded walls. As I look up at the ceiling, I see the vent. I grin to myself as I decide that after lights out, I’ll climb into the vent and escape this place.

    After lights out that night, I pull the vent off, climbing up into the ceiling and making my way through the ventilation system as quiet as a mouse. I look into the rooms to figure out where I must get out from. I see my old friend Cora’s room. She stopped being my friend when she tried to kill me. In the end, everyone tries to kill me. I don’t trust anyone, anymore.

    I find my way to the room that is the entrance of this facility and start pushing down on the air vent. It comes off with enough ease and I try and catch it before it hits the floor. I succeed and pull it up into the ceiling, holding onto the ceiling as I let my body swing down. Something is wrong… Someone catches my body as I swing right into their arms… Oh no! It’s a guard! I can’t believe this! How could anyone have known what I was planning to do? My God, these people can read minds, too! I’m never going to leave this place alive… Never. I just might as well surrender myself to their plan and let them kill me. Better yet, I could kill myself and rid them of my presence that much easier.

    They bring me back to my room and throw me back into it, having already fixed the vent and bolted it in. There isn’t going to be another chance of escape for me, they say. I sit on my bed and get to thinking. That killing myself thing wasn’t such a bad idea. I get off the bed and pull off the mattress, trying to be as quiet as I could as to not alert the guard. I manage to pull a spring off the bed with some minor difficulty. I hold it up and watch it sheen in the light with a grin on my face. I’m saving myself. Saving myself from them. I take the jagged end of the spring and cut across my wrists, sitting back against the bed frame.

    Slowly I feel my body draining of my blood. They won’t find me until morning. They’ll be happy I’m gone, but angry that they didn’t succeed in killing me themselves. Angry that I hadn’t given the satisfaction of doing so. My spirit begins to leave my body and I’m looking down at myself. A serene expression on my face for the first time ever in my life… A pity it had to be because of my own death. I watch myself as my body becomes pale and I begin to float upwards. Free. I’m finally free.