• Chapter one
    The wrong choice
    I ran faster with my pack leader yelling at me. “C’mon Annaleya , stop dragging your feet!” Kory slowed his pace to match mine. Kory has dark blond hair and light blue eyes. I had blonde hair with light blue streaks throughout it and light purple eyes. Kory and I both are
    “I don’t know, Kory.” I huffed. Kory was right I usually went 15, and different from normal humans and that is something that you will read more about. “Annaleya, why are you going so slow? usually you are like…really fast.” Kory asked. a lot faster then this. I stumbled but did not fall. What was happening to me? “Annaleya?” Kory nearly shouted my name. I stumbled again and kory grabbed my arm to steady me. My heart speed up at his touch. I have a crush on Kory he makes my heart do funny things. “Annaleya, please tell me what’s wrong.” Kory pleaded.
    The world spun and it felt like I was spinning around in circles. The ground rushed up to me as I fell. I fell hard into Kory’s arms. I heard Kory scream my name and then every thing went black.
    I woke up in my bed. “Oh good you are awake.” I sat up to see Kory sitting in my desk chair. “What happened?” I asked weakly. “You passed out.” Kory replied. “Your parents know I am here.”
    I closed my eyes and sighed.
    The next day I was in the field. I was just sitting there singing when Kory appeared next to me. “Why are you here alone?” Kory whispered sitting next to me. “Its peaceful here.” I stopped singing. Kory chuckled. “So that is why?” I shrugged. “What were you singing?” Kory looked at me and said aloud. I stood up. “I made it up.”
    Kory sighed. “Annaleya.” I turned to look at Kory. He stood up. “I came to say goodbye.” “What do you mean?” I whispered.
    “I am leaving.” Kory’s words almost dragged me to my feet. I swallowed hard. “Where are you going to go?” I felt tears sting my eyes. “Utah, I have done my time here in Ohio.” Kory explained.
    “Will you ever come back?”
    “Annaleya, please don’t ask me that.”
    “I need to know!’
    “I don’t know Annaleya okay?!”
    I sighed. “Fine have fun in Utah!” I turned around and stomped off. “Annaleya, wait!” Kory shouted. I ignored him. It started to rain and so I took off running. Kory’s voice was drowned out by the rain.
    I ran faster. There was a bright flash of lightning and I looked behind me to see Kory walking away his shirt soaking wet. I closed my eyes I would miss him so much. I sat down and hugged my legs bringing them up to my chest. I rested my chin on my knees. I sat there and cried until My brother Mike found me and carried me home in tears.
    I sat in my room all night my eyes dry. I just stared at my phone. I jumped when it buzzed. I flipped it open to see it was from Kory.
    Annaleya, I am leaving in two hrs. I don’t care if you come to see me before I go or not. You know how to get to my house. I hope you do come . –Kory.
    I sighed and snapped my phone shut. I stood up and ran a hand through my hair. I cried myself to sleep. When I woke up I got dressed and left the house. I ran into the forest behind my house and into the field. I looked around and stepped on something. I looked down to see Kory’s silver chain necklace with a dagger charm. I picked it up and put it on. I almost started crying. I sighed. A couple years passed.
    I am now 18 years old. It was summer on a Monday in June. I felt the cool silver chain with the dagger charm around my neck. I chocked back a sob. Kory leaving has not been easy for me. I heard branches crack and whirled around. I drew my sword and got ready. A boy with emerald green eyes an dirty blond hair walked out of the trees. I glared at the boy. “ I come in peace!” The boy’s voice was almost hypnotizing.
    I dropped my sword. “Annaleya, I can help you.” The boy whispered.
    “No you can’t. Who are you?! what do you want?!” I screamed. The boy smiled. “Always those questions.” A sudden pain shot through my head. I screamed and the pain grew sharply. “Fight it Annaleya.” A voice whispered in my head. My eyes widened. I was Kory’s voice. “Kory! Please come back!” I screamed in my head.
    The boy smiled. “ Who is Kory? Oh I know. The boy who you love so much but now is dead.” “Shut up. He is not dead!” I screamed.
    “Give it up! He is dead.” The voice in my head commanded. “No he is not he….He can’t be!” I screamed. “Annaleya. You try so hard…but you cant do it alone.” The boy purred circling me. I suddenly was cast under a spell. “Annaleya, I can help you. Trust me.” The boy’s voice sounded like Kory’s. I felt sharp fangs graze my neck. I could not do anything. I could not move either. The fangs dug into my neck. I cried out.
    Tears stung my eyes as the fangs dug deeper into my neck. I screamed for Kory. The last thing I saw was a hallucination of Kory. I woke up my vision blurred. I tried to move and cried out. I was in the field lying in the rain. I sat up and nearly fell. I shook my head and stood up. I stumbled. Something grabbed my shoulders and I whirled around to see a boy with dark blond hair and light blue eyes. “Don’t scream.” He said quietly. “ Kory!” I whimpered. I threw my self into his arms. “ Annaleya. I have missed you so much” Kory whispered. “Kory, why did you not come back?” I whispered. “Annaleya. I had to stay in Utah. I could not just abandon my family.” he explained.
    “I need your help.” Kory pulled away. “My brother is dead.”
    I gasped. “I need to find out who killed him.” Kory continued. “I cant do it alone. SO you will help.” “Kory its not that I don’t want to help you but…” I started to say. “Let me guess. You don’t want to because you are scared are because you are one of them.” Kory interrupted.
    “No Kory its not that. Its just…” I tried to finish my sentence but I could not get the rest out. “No Annaleya its O.K” Kory said coldly.
    “Kory!” I cried. “What?! Annaleya! What is it now?!” Kory nearly shouted. “I cant go with you because… Strange things are happening here too.” I choked out. Kory was starting to walk away but then stopped. “Like what kind of strange things?”
    “People are just vanishing. Most of them are teenagers.” I said. Kory looked at me as if I had just said that my shadow talks to me.
    “Annaleya….. two things. One …..There is no way that people are just vanishing. Two I would love to help you but I have to avenge my brother.” Kory sighed. He turned around and started to walk away
    “Wait! What if these people’s vanishings have something to do with your brother?!” I shouted. Kory turned around and smiled. “So you are saying that my brother’s death is somehow linked to these people disappearing?” I nodded. “Then in that case we are on the same mission.” Kory smirked. I sighed. “Fine we will go to Utah”
    “Great! Lets go!” Kory shouted and grabbed my hand and vanished with me.
    We appeared in Utah. Kory looked around. “oh oops.”
    “what?” “Uh..we are in a forest.” I looked around and nearly screamed when I saw a deer. Kory laughed.