• I thought I lost you for sure,
    when you first turn your back on me.
    You kept walking away.
    I tryed calling out your name.
    You kept walking.
    I tryed runing after you.
    You never bothered to slow down.
    I ran as fast as I could,
    but every step I took,
    made the distance between us even bigger.
    The small gap between you and me quickly
    became larger and larger.
    Making it harder for me to reach you.
    I even tryed to reach my hand out.
    Trying to grab you.
    To keep you from leaving.
    You never turned to look at me.
    Silently you kept walking.
    Staring straigth ahead.
    After that day,
    I thought I'd never get to see you again.
    I was scared.
    I was alone.
    You left me in a cold, and dark place.
    I thought for sure you'd come back for me.
    To save me, from the frigthful place
    that I was locked in.
    I waited, and waited.
    It seemed like over 100 years.
    No light ever reached where I was.
    I curled up in a ball,
    You never came back.
    You never came to save me.
    I thought for sure, you'd be the one for me.
    To take all my painful and sadness away.
    But I was wrong.
    You only made it worst.
    It hurt, so much.
    Inside my chest,
    my heart was broken into little pices
    that can never be put back together ever again.