• Blue skies, a gentle wind, and a field basicly in your backyard. Perfect conditions for a picnic. So that's exactly what out beloved group decided to do- have a picnic.

    Alice set down her woven basket on a blue and white checkered blanked that Barra had lain across the grass. Alek sat next to her and wrapped an arm around her waist while Vincent sat against a tree, watching the clouds. You could hear the happy, suprised squeals of Marriene, Daryne, and Ikey as they played tag.

    "What do you have in the basket, Li-chan?" asked Alek curiously, honey-gold eyes watching as pale hands pulled out bread, cheese, and such.

    "Food. Haven't you ever had a picnic before, Aleksander?" the girl replied innocently, pausing to brush a few strands of curly midnight hair from her face.
    Vincent scoffed.

    "I doubt he has, Alice," he said brazenly. "Princey here probably never even left his castle before coming to the Academy."

    Alek's lips twisted into a frown, and he glared at Vincent. "I have to left before!"

    "Without an armed guard following you around everywhere?"

    Alek hesitated. It was only for a second, but enough time for Vincent to know he won the banter. Said boy smirked victoriously.

    "No," Alek replied grumpily, running a hand through rich blonde hair. "Not without my guard."

    Alice had finsihed pouring lemonade in the glasses she had set out. The Catalyst looked over the array of foods proudly before twisting in Alek's hold and calling out, "Lunch is ready!"

    The three children- Marriene, Deryne, and Ikey- raced eachother to the blanket, all three falling in front of a plate at the same time. The two adults- Barra and Foryst- followed at a more leisurely pace, the two men loading their plates and complimenting Alice.

    "It's delicious! What's all in it?" asked Foryst curiously as he examined his grilled chicken. Alice blinked, then giggledd lightly.

    "I didn't make it, actually," she admitted. "Vinny did."

    Alek, Barra and Foryst's eyes all turned immediately to look at Vincent (who had sat and taken a plate also) disbelievingly.

    "This guy?" asked Barra incredulously. "I doubt he could even make a PB&J sandwich!"

    Vincent looked up from his macaroni. "I can cook," he said calmly. "You just never asked."

    <I guess I never thought of it that way before.>

    The sun was setting, casting an orange glow over the landscape. Alice and Alek remained on the hill, sitting side-by-side in companionable silence.

    Alek shifted. "Alice?" he asked quietly.

    Alice turned her head to look at him opening her mouth to answer. Before she could speak, though, alek quickly brushed his lips against her own. He stood, face as red a a tomato.

    Alice blinked, placing a finger over her lips. She giggled.

    Vincent dropped from a near-by tree, a scowl planted on his face. "How come you let him be all weird like that but you don't even let me hold your hand?" he grumbled, pulling his black hair back with a hair-tie.

    She sighed. "How many times do I have to say this? We're not even supposed to friends. The Fate and the Catalyst aaren't supposed to have any contact at all."

    Vincent frowned, before lunging and wrapping his arms around Alice from behind. He placed a chaste kiss on her cheek as she squeaked in suprise.

    "Too bad."