• "I can't wait for the next season!" Akane said.
    "Yeah, it's going to be awesome." Meiko agreed.
    We were at school and it was lunch as usual. Kei and his group were in front of the classroom, doing something, I'm not sure what. They were just fooling around. Kei was sitting on one of the desks, talking to Jiro. I smiled, remembering saturday.
    "Hey Aya, what's wrong?" I looked at her when I heard what the girls said. Aya's eyes looked towards the door, so I followed where she was looking. Mami was staring over at us.
    "I got this." I stood and walked out the door. This chick was so weird...
    I passed Mami when I walked out the door, she followed me down the hall. Once we were out of sight, I turned to her.
    "What do you want this time?" I asked.
    "Rui's in the hospital" She said softly.
    "So?" I replied. Immidietly she looked up at me with an unexplainable expression.
    "What do you mean, so?!" She almost shouted, "Do you know who put him there?!" She continued.
    "Yes. Himself." I said, deffinetly.
    "Since you didn't back down, Takeru got even more pissed! He won't stop until you both meet and settle your differences!" It felt like she was almost pleading with me at this point. But I knew there was no settling on both sides with Takeru. There was no such thing as compromise. There was only one way...and that was his way.
    "I'm sorry for what happened to Rui, but I can't do what he wants me to do." I was about to walkaway. But I stopped when I heard what Mami said.
    "I won't let that happen." I said with my fists clenched, and walked back to the classroom.
    "Hey, you're back!" Aya said when I entered the room.
    "We were just talking about if Shou really has a heart." Meiko said.
    "He does! He has one! I just know it." Kaori yelled, and everyone began laughing.
    Just then, I heard Mami's final words...echo in my head...
    "This is will turn out...just like Asami." I knew I couldn't let that happen...No way in hell was that going to happen again!

    "Are you alright?" Kei asked me as we walked home together.
    "Fine, why?"
    "Just asking, you're always something on my mind." He smiled. I chuckled.
    Just then my phone went off. I flipped it open and read the text.
    "Hey it's Shiori, I'm busy here at work and will be coming home late..."
    "What is it?" Kei asked.
    "Shiori said she's coming home late." I shrugged.
    "So we have time together?" His smile became devilish as he came closer. Just before he could lean in for a kiss, my phone went off again.
    "Give me that!" Kei grabbed my phone and read the text himself. His eyes became big as he slowly flipped my phone shut...
    "What? What's wrong?" I asked with concern.
    "Shiori said...'Kei, no babies'" Kei said slowly. I bit my lip from laughing.
    After a kiss goodbye, I went into the house and up to my room. When I entered through my door, I was taken from the back by surprise.
    "Don't scream." They intructed, while holding a hand over my mouth. Instead of listening, I tried to flip them over my shoulder. It blew up in my face, because somehow they resisted, and we ended up falling onto my bed with me on the bottom half.
    "There you go again, always disobeying what I say." My eyes narrowed when I saw who it was.
    "How did you get in here?!" I asked in a furious tone.
    "Babe come on now. Who taught you how to pick locks in the first place?" He smiled.
    "Get off of me!" I tried to push him off.
    "Aw, don't be like that. I came here to see you, I just couldn't wait any longer to be with you again. You don't return any of my messages you know."
    "Your messages?! You mean, having Mami or someother groupie that you want me back?! It's annoying! And very bothersome!" I finally shoved him off roughly. Hit banged into my dresser drawer.
    "Nice move." He smiled.
    "I learned it from you." I said, smiling in an unfriedly manner. He chuckled.
    "Why are you doing this? I thought you loved me, but I guess I was wrong huh?" He looked out the window.
    "We used to be so connected, you never wanted to leave my side. I did everything I could to make you happy. But yet, you slowly started to drift away from me. I loved you, I still love you. Even right now, don't you feel anything for me?" He turned to look at me.
    "Did you ever love me?" He asked.
    "You know I did, but that was long time ago. ut after what you did to Asami and the others...!" I shook my head.
    "You think what happened to Asami was my fault?" He walked closer to me, with that same devilish smie as before.
    "If you didn't constantly bully her, then she would still be alive! Because of that, I hate you!!!" I spit out. He grabbed me by my jaw roughly.
    "All you had to do, was only look at me. Only pay attention to me. Only be...with me. You hate me? I'll show you how to really hate me more. If you don't break up with Kei and cut all ties with your nerdy friends and come back with me, then I'll make sure they be erased completely. Not just from your life." He let me go ubruptly, and walked to the window. Before he stepped out, he turned back to me and said, "See you later babe." He smiled, and jumped out the window. I dropped down and stayed silent.