• Ivy

    As soon as we pulled into the high school’s parking lot you could tell that the Fall Ball was in full swing. Red, gold, and tan lights wrapped around vines of fake fall colored leaves hung by the gym’s entrance. When Mason parked the car, my nerves were getting the best of me. Mason got out of the car and was at my side in an instant, opening the car door for me. When my feet hit the pavement I thought they would give out from under me, but they were steady. Mason took my gloved hand and shut the car door behind him, there was a faint beep as he locked the door but I wasn’t paying attention, I was hypnotized by his beautiful green eyes.


    Mason guided Ivy into the gym, not once taking his eyes off of her. The lights inside the gym were a soft yellow; the gym floor was covered in fake leaves. Mason guided Ivy right onto the dance floor. Some of the students stared, surprised that Ivy was with Mason others smiled softly and continued dancing with their partners. Ivy’s hand instantly laid softly on Mason’s left shoulder while Mason’s went to her waist. They swayed to the beat of the music Mason smiled at Ivy glad she finally noticed him, what he didn’t know was that Ivy felt the same way.


    Mason and Ivy

    It happened to both of them at the same time, after a while of dancing without a care in the world their barriers weakened and the pain started. Ivy and Mason’s eyes met at the same time, “Do you want to get some fresh air?” Mason asked unwilling to move, to ruin the moment but had to or else. Ivy nodded and they both relaxed a little as they walked outside. Sitting on the steps that led into the gym they looked into each other’s eyes, after a moment they started to lean closer to each other. They leaned even closer until their faces were only 3 centimeters away. We can’t be together they both thought at the same time and as they got closer they both looked down.


    Our foreheads touched, I looked up to see that Mason had looked down too. We both pulled away for a second, embarrassed. The cool October air felt good against my skin, I pulled off the red gloves and laid them next to me. I looked down at the back of my right hand and the S seemed to stare back. Mason looked down to see what I was looking at, he took my right hand in his and I resisted the urge to pull my hand out of his. I watched as his fingers traced the scar for a few seconds then he turned his hand all the way so I could see his. I stared blankly at the S for a few seconds, the scars on the back of both our right hands matched without a doubt. I looked up at him, my lips parted slightly as if to say something, but nothing came out. Suddenly we leaned closer to each other again, so close.

    “Mason!” A girl’s voice rang in my ears; I looked up and saw Piper walking over in a long orange dress. “What are you doing?” She sounded angry as Mason stood up. I quickly grabbed my gloves and pulled them back on.

    “What do you mean?” Mason asked Piper.

    “What are you doing with that?!” She said pointing her long red fingernail at me. “You are supposed to be with me” She said looking at me with pure hatred.

    “I can be with whoever I want to be with” Mason said he didn’t look fazed by the words she used. “And she is not what you call that”

    “Fine leave it out here and let’s show the school that we are dating” She grabbed Mason’s sleeve and pulled him towards the door but he stayed firmly where he was.

    “No” Was all Mason said.

    Piper looked at him and said “Fine choose, little miss not so popular or me head cheerleader of the T.J bullfrogs” I stood up on the stairs as Piper waited. His hand extended towards me, when I felt his hand grasp mine I thought I was flying.

    “Ivy” Mason said, Piper stared anger crossing her face.

    “I’m not worried” Piper said “You’ll come back to me when you’re ready” With that Piper strutted into the gym. Mason looked at me and smiled then he pulled me back into the gym.