• In the small town of Vermecia located in Los Angeles, United States,
    is the school of high school called Grand Chase. One
    best schools in the country where only privileged people
    financially or can enter very smart.
    Your education system is very rigid in sports and extremely
    competitive, thereby making students give their best.
    There are several sports clubs and many talented people in
    same. The school, Lothar, took office too young to
    18 years with the death of his father in an accident. The former director, although
    cons because of his age, overcame the difficulties keeping the school
    the same quality which his late father kept.
    Turning five years since then, there was a small change in
    uniform, black trousers for boys and a pleated skirt for
    girls, sports shoes, a white shirt with long sleeves and
    buttons, the emblem of the school (a large golden shield with swords
    Cross-called Duke) stamped on the back of her shirt as well as in
    chest near the heart. In the cold, had a black jacket as well as in
    shirt, the Duke was printed in giant size on the back, chest and
    wrists to the side of the cuff of his jacket. Show the emblem was a
    caprice that Lothos not open his hand, it showed how much pride she
    had his school.
    It was another quiet day in Grand Chase. The sun shone classes until
    half days were over, there were only club activities. School
    shut at six o'clock in the afternoon. After lunch, the student Lass
    third year, a young boy of 17 years, was walking along a corridor
    surrounded by plants and trees. The school had a lot of it making
    old building very personable, as well as refresh the whole school. Was
    nice just walk aimlessly towards the tranquility of the place.
    He stopped for a moment and lifted his head for a viewing
    sky blue and pure as your eyes. A cloud covered the sun
    moved allowed to view after the sun blinding you just the boy
    temporarily. Closing his eyes in an instant. Not taking too long
    for that purpose pass, he slowly opens his eyes recovering well
    vision, focusing on their hands.
    - Lass
    - Hum? - Look at the side for the owner of the voice
    pronounced his name.
    - Here.
    - Read? - If you turn to feel the touch of someone on your shoulder,
    looking at the girl.
    - Who else would be beautiful just like me? - Responds to girl
    pointing with their hands to themselves.
    - Ham Ham .. - Answer the boy with no desire, just
    not to contradict. - Want something?
    - Why? I can not just come to see? - Read
    responds in a tone malicious biting his lips.
    - Say it, do not have time to lose. - Lass rolls
    eyes, did not have the patience to provocations coming from the hair - I know
    did not you seek for it. - The boy brings your lips to
    just heard her whispering to her to hear. - I saw you ... Week
    week, after closing the club.
    - You did not tell this to anyone, right? - The blonde
    retreated a few steps looking pretty scared.
    - I mind if I tell it to someone ...- Making a
    pause, Lass gives a deep sigh - "That" person will end up with my
    life in this school.
    - In this you are right. - Victorious smiles
    fun. - I came to warn you that Anne is calling you in the Laboratory
    - Let her find another idiot. - He shrugged his shoulders turning
    body to follow his path.
    - She told me to mention about a certain case a certain
    student of white hair. - Looking at the Lass that fits
    description with his white hair bristling ago. - Pasting the proof
    Physics teacher whose Helena which it has proof.
    Lass ice at the same time rolling back to Read.
    - And as it is neglected, the proof can simply
    fall into the teacher's desk Helena.
    - Ok ok, I get it. - Displeased turns to go
    toward the laboratory.
    - Glad you got the message. - And she happy to
    giving a gentle smile, something with which many kids dream of having
    for you, the rosy lips of Lire. - Now I must go to the club
    Archery, after all I am the captain and the best - His last words
    out with an enviable pride.
    - You definitely do not have trust issues. --
    And Lass being indifferent.
    - Mr. Lass said something? - Read had an amused smile,
    his expression was pure innocence.
    - No, nothing. - Change the subject rather than on more
    some things to him. - Arm's calling me, I better go
    just go do something.
    - That nasty. - He said finally the girl following her
    Lass path leaving alone.
    I'm having bad feeling about this. - Does the
    boy - do not go anywhere stand here, and knowing it will be
    worse not to go.
    Lass entered into the Hall of the college. Despite
    has already seen it a million times, always was amazing, was not
    measured spent on construction. At the entrance is the head of a
    dragon gray tones with black and golden eyes called the Basilisk
    students, it is a statue attached to the roof, the pillars of
    support have claw attached to the statue. The roof where
    statue is attached, was painted a sky at twilight using the style
    Surrealism the same technique was used on the walls of the Hall, this
    simulated the walls of a castle. The floor was made of Ivory.
    Following the end of the Hall is a
    port wine giant medieval style, ai is the room of
    director Lothos, the statue of the dragon extends from the beginning of the Hall until his
    to entering the room. For both sides there is a corridor of
    right leads to all the classrooms while the left pair
    laboratory, staff room, computer lab, meeting rooms
    clubs and many others, this path was picked up by Lass
    - This will not end well - the boy sighs front door of
    laboratory-Best That ends soon.
    Opens the door quietly closing the same
    also, his vision runs through the laboratory white, had
    all, test tubes, machines that I had no Idea of what
    did, tables full of papers, three computers last a generation
    lot of bottles with different colored liquids, the boy started at
    remember them. Finally found Arme stop sitting in a chair
    front of an empty table with a single vial of purple liquid, it does
    noticed his presence, was too busy playing his PSP
    How can this girl have a Q.I greater than 230? She and small,
    must have 1.57, no idea if she painted her hair or purple and their
    natural color, keeping it short and peaked playing up, I
    admit that it leaves a beautiful, despite 16 years your breasts are
    small as well as your body, it still leaves me the blouse closed in
    with a button, what she would do if some pervert in here? Allright
    she is a genius, but in physical activities and completely useless,
    now she sees me staring at my face, his eyes a color
    unusual, the Purple have a certain charm.
    - You're late - Anne had a low voice, came to
    be a little hoarse.
    - Sorry Your Highness - The boy made a move to make it a
    reverence and Sínico - I had nothing better to do it
    serve guinea pig.
    - Good - I do not know quite the boy - to create a Cabei
    new draft and want to drink.
    - More before - His voice was angry - I buttoned it ,....
    - Hey what you doing? - She was surprised when he started
    button all the buttons of his white coat-So is uncomfortable.
    - Then use another shirt underneath - he said more angry --
    If some pervert in here?
    - This is a school, not have it here - to her conviction
    was only surpassed by his innocence.
    - Any way to prevent and better - began to
    mentally to control.
    - This concern and there is nothing - Arme seemed not
    understand or innocence does not allow such a thing.
    - You and Burra smartest person I've ever seen --
    Deep breath - in any way any boy could see his
    breasts just entering here - went straight to the point.
    - For my research on the internet, the boys prefer
    giant breasts, and as mine are tiny, no need to worry --
    Gave a huge smile to Lass sure his thesis - But why is
    - ...... You do not exist ....- Does not like it
    could understand something so simple, it was frustrating to the boy - E
    about it, I do not worry, it's just an obvious thing people
    know that.
    - Okay, as I insisted so I take more care --
    After a long sigh contradicted agree to abide by the boy to his
    front - now you'll take the potion or going to the incentive
    better? - His tone was fun with a smile stubborn.
    - If I decide not to take? - Due to headache
    the girl caused her to understand a simple thing, he decides to
    give change - What will you do? - Now it was his turn to a smile
    - Then I have to reveal their tricks for teachers
    - He said with full confidence that would take control of the situation
    - What if I do not care? - She was falling direitinho
    your game
    - Our Arm ...- gasps prepared to play their
    Trump has always worked - I'll be forced to change their grades.
    - Yes, it can ruin my life here at school --
    She agreed while her amused smile.
    - So? - Breathed relieved the girl, always trusted
    that asset, despite never having the courage to do that to him.
    "But I do not have to worry about that - Your smile
    extended further to see the face of confusion in the face of the girl.
    - Why do you say that? - She did not understand this reaction.
    - Why I think you do not have the courage to do so --
    Saying each word is slowly moving forward, making the girl
    walk at this rate until it touches the wall of the laboratory - Tell me
    'm wrong.
    - Você ...- The words leaving your mouth feeling
    hill boy his hand on the wall beside his head, his heart
    - I always knew that I said - the boy admitted to a
    peaceful way.
    - So why continued experiencing my potions?
    - He asked her again not understand, this guy was a complete
    unknown to her.
    -That and whatever else I want to know ...- His smile was
    - Lass ....- Without realizing the proximity of the two
    - So Mrs. Genius find this response is a
    challenge - his words were sincere looking into the eyes of the girl,
    approached his lips to her ear, whispering allowing it
    feel your breath - now that I'll still take this potion, and that a
    greater mystery still.
    Lass separates her walking to the table picking up the glass
    with the potion, she could not do anything besides watch, with a laugh
    fun watching the state it was in your eyes
    wide, his face flushed, his labiosa semi-open for some
    word to pronounce, his body shrunk decreasing in size,
    and their strong little hands holding her skirt.
    - I should really be a big Idiot ...... - Lass said
    finally drinking the potion so arousing Arm of his trance. - Arme ....
    - ..... Ham yes? - Respond quickly to the boy awakening from the trance
    looking at the empty bottle in his hand.
    - I'm not feeling very well .....- was the last words before
    delete completely losing all senses
    Deleted .... Your hunch was correct, he spent 3 years with a
    guinea pig girl, some of his potions were interesting, but something
    inside always warned him that something would happen. His
    heavy senses returned, his body was burning, listening to their voices
    hand, his eyes began to open slowly.
    "He is waking up
    He heard someone say, heard that voice before, forcing the
    mind recalled, was his childhood friend them, a girl with red hair
    reddish brown eyes,
    - They? - He said, his voice weak and thin, or
    seemed his voice, but not worried, it was concluded that potion.
    - Lass how you feel?
    - Arme? - Now off the arm who spoke to him.
    - I myself, like this feeling? - Can see
    concern in her voice.
    - Better now - said opening his eyes. - Why
    all here? - Swept the place with his eyes noticing the presence of
    Lire, Elesis and arm - Where am I? - Asked not acknowledging the
    place-The effect of this potion will last long? I want my voice again.
    - Lass, you're in the infirmary, the Ronam brought, and
    I think your voice will be the least of their concerns ...- The boy
    began to be scared to see the face that Anne was anxious to send him to
    word. - Look down ....
    - Which has ..... - Turning your head down looking at their own
    body - BUT ......
    - Has more ....- .... Arme blushed to say the next phrase
    Ronam lowered his pants to confirm ......
    - By ... by ... by WHY I HAVE BREASTS? - The boy
    up in bed startled by the change in your body sticking hands
    in your pants that were large - I do not believe - Lost forces
    legs falling crouching on the bed, was petrified.
    - You became a complete woman - said explaining Arm
    the situation "it"
    - I ... I ..... I .... - Unlike the Lire and Elesis
    who laughed at his situation, he had no words to describe.
    - I will reverse the process so you do not have to
    worry - the genius girl tried to comfort him.
    - Arme .......- "Lass" looked at his friend with eyes
    full of tears, words were not necessary, he left to cry
    hugging the girl with purple hair.
    Lass-crying? - This time they ruled
    - This and play it? - Read was the same.
    - What happened is what I feared - the girl genius began
    concerned about looking for friends as she petted the head of
    a "Lass" who cried compulsively on her lap.
    - Explain Arm - They cross the arm assuming a
    pose of those who wanted a good explanation.
    - When the Lass collapsed, his body hit the shelf
    knocking several potions that shed fell on him doing, as
    his mouth was open, he ended up drinking a bit of various potions, not
    I can say so much that he took or how many potions he mixed --
    He explained in detail.
    - E. ... ? - Pronounced Lire saying "what this
    there is? ".
    - His personality has changed as well as its
    body, and may have other unforeseen effects that can not say for sure
    ....- Finished the explanation very worried. - Until I find a way to
    bring it back to normal, he'll have to live like a woman
    - Are you saying that Lass that puts fear in all
    newcomers school ... if ... if - They need to take a deep breath
    continue sentence - It's become a little fearful?
    - More and her very lindinha - Read was delighted seeing
    the frightened eyes filled with tears and the "Lass" for
    protection in the lap of Anne.
    - Now that you mentioned - they started to warm up
    looking better - she looks like a doll, undoubtedly will need to purchase
    new clothes ....
    - Nha, I'm dying to wear it with whatever type
    Clothing - The blonde began to daydream imagining the scene.
    - Do not worry "Nass" - made mention of the emphasis on
    "Nass" - I'll teach you to be completely girl until you return
    be a man - no doubt, she was having fun with this situation.
    - Then I'll leave it to the care of you, I will
    focused on healing - Arming of a look at the girl stuck in her lap
    - Do not worry, I'll bring you back without a doubt - the stroked
    her head in order to be trusted when it came to it ....
    Now .... did I stand to be alive by then?