• I stumbled down the clustered hallway. I was jostled from left to right, either landing into people or walls. I looked down, watching where I stepped. It was like being crammed into a box. Everything was swooping in front of me, going at the speed of light.
    I crashed into something cold and rock hard. That was not the best day for my coordination was it? I landed on the ground, dropping the multiple books I had piled up in my hands. I glanced up. The object of which I had ran into just so happened to have had deep brown hair that could practically been black and bounced of pallid skin.
    “Watch where you’re going,” he said forcefully. He gave a quick glance at me, still frozen to the ground. “Sorry, here let me help you,” he gave a deep sigh and extended his hand.
    I reached for it; his hand was as cold as ice. He then pulled me up off the ground in one quick, swift movement. If I blinked I would have missed it. Surprisingly that was enough time for him to pick up my books and drop them in my arms.
    “Be careful ok?” his voice was stern, but somehow, loving. And before I knew it, he was gone, faster than wind.

    Bonus Junk
    haha I love this chapter so I emailed to to my partner (im gonna call her E and you call me A) and heres our convo

    "Wow... I should have guessed." - E
    "So you heart heart heart LOVE heart heart heart it???" - A
    "Well I can tell you do" - E
    "So you don't like it sad " - A
    "Its ok" - E
    "So you dont like it"- A
    "Well you know Im not really into that stuff" - E
    "Well?" -E
    "Well you arent a treasure are you?" - A
    "No I am a ray off sunshine!!!" - E
    " stare " - A