• {Writers point of veiw}
    So have you seen that darkness even the most innocent can have lurking inside them? A person like 'Joel' can be your best friend, your brother, your cousin, your class mate, your teacher, anyone. You wouldn't even notice. 'Joel' was the perfect actor and criminal. Not even a lawyer he had been living with noticed the way he really was. A lawyer that had been trained to notice flaws in people and what they saw. Maybe the lawyer couldn't see past 'Joels' cute face, huh? Maybe Timothy was too caught up trying to help this 'poor soul' to notice anything?
    'Joel' walked into the living room after waking up and turned onto the cartoons. He smiled happily when he saw that the Flinstones was on.
    Timothy yawned and sat down next to 'Joel' on the couch. "Do you want something to eat?"
    'Joel' nodded and smiled warmly at Timothy. "Yeah. That would be great. Thank you." He said doing a perfect job of acting like the precious and innocently hurt boy.
    Timothy fell for it like everyone else and nodded, walking into the kitchen to get him some food.
    'Joel's' phone rang loudly.
    Timothy was reaching into the fridge when he hears the ringing noise and jumped. "Eh?"
    'Joel' jumped and grabbed the phone from his pocket, hitting the end button immediatly, then throwing it back in his pocket. "S***!" He spat under his breath.
    Timothy popped his head out of the kitchen and blinked in confusion. "Did you hear something?"
    'Joel' put on a clueless act. "Huh? What do you mean?"
    Timothy blushed sheepishly. "Ah. Nothing. Nevermind. Just my imagination. Sorry, sorry. Just keeping doing what ever you were doing and I'll get you your food, okay?"
    'Joel' smiled and nodded. "Yeah."
    'Joel's' real name is Jonathan. He is the son of Carter Crimson. But the raping was a cover up. He frammed is dad of raping him to pull this whole thing off. He said no to staying with his mother at the hotel and everyone else in his family. And when his father threatened to get revenge on Jonathan the police thought he ment he was going to get revenge for telling the police that he 'raped' him. But he was really getting revenge because of the framming. Make sense? Jonothan had met his lover in a random situation. At a train station. Jonathan had just run away from home when the to be lover sees him sitting there with a hand full of money, tears in his eyes, and a black eye. The lover said that he immediatly had interest in the boy while all the other people just walked by, not daring to ask if he needed help. The man walked over and sat next to him. "Going somewhere?" He asked. Jonathan nodded. "Where?" The man asked. Jonathan shrugged. "Anywhere, but here." The man grinned. "I can make your life better." Jonathan was immediatly intrigued. "How?" The man brought Jonathan to his house and exlained what he wanted to do. And as the night went on Jonathan fell hard and fast for him. This mans darkness and yet all his gentleness seemed almost god like to him. So he trusted him and agreed to help him. The man thanked him, but asked for a few favors.
    Jonathan needed to change his name, he needed to change his whole families names, he needed to get a new house, his father needed to get a new job. Everything had to be changed and replaced.
    The man threatened his family with their lives if they denied him. But Jonathan didn't care about them, they had abonded and hurt him. His eyes were on this new man in the spot light. He respected and loved him. He was his dark knight. This dark knight realized how Jonathan felt for him and confesed his love for Jonathan. The same night Jonathan gave his virginity gladly to his dark knight.
    And the wounds Jonathan received? Mostly all of it had been given to him by his father in the past few years. But the newer ones were makeup. Only the one caused by Timothy were real.
    Well planned, yeah?
    The dark knight kept his family quiet with thousands of threats against their lives and friends and such. This man wanted his revenge, and with Jonathan, he could retreive it with almost perfect ease.
    Jonathan learned his computer skills on his own from his computer in his room, the dark knight had him hack onto small web sites and crash them as practice. And slowly they built up to bigger sites, ones like google, youtube, ask.com, so on and so forth. They didn't crash them, just slowed them down with small viruses, if they had crashed the sites it would have brought attention to hackers and they would have set up stronger fire walls to keep even the most skilled hackers out. And their plans of revenge would have been foiled and in easier words, ruined.
    'Joel' ran to the bathroom and took out phone.
    Timothy stood outside the door. "Joel? Are you alright?"
    'Joel' glared at the door, but acted normal. "Yeah. I just needed to go to the bathroom." He lied. He looked over the text messages and saw there was two new ones from his dark knight. He blushed and opened them.
    'Meet me in twenty minutes.' Was the first message. And the second was: 'At the 5th corner in Lexington.'
    He sighed and closed his phone, putting it in his pocket and slowly opening the door. He smiled at Timothy. "Hey. Uhm... Can I go out for a walk? I'll just be alittle while. I promise. Just around the neighborhod."
    Timothy blinked. "Are you sure? I don't know... It might not be safe."
    Jonathan {the real Jonathan} would have started yelling at him for not letting him go, but he needed to keep cool and make sure he wasn't put into the lime light too quickly. "I won't even leave the block. I just want to get some fresh air. I've been in here so long that I've gotten sort of bored of the air in here."
    Timothy nodded and smiled. "Sure, sure. Go ahead. But only stay near in this block. It's going to rain soon, and I don't want you getting a panic attack when the thunder starts, okay?"
    Jonathan smiled. "Thank you, Timothy. I will." He said walking to the door, putting on a sweat shirt and his shoes.

    After ten minutes, and walking three blocks, he was at 5th Lexington.
    A tall man with gelled back hair and dark eyes smiled cooly at him.
    Jonathan's heart raced. "You came."
    The man chuckled and put his hand on his cheek. "Your five minutes late. You know I don't like to wait."
    Jonathan nodded. "I know. I'm sorry. I got lost for a second."
    The man narrowed his eyes. "I told you to memorize all our meeting places."
    Jonathan swallowed. "I did. But I was so excited to meet you that I sort of forgot where I was."
    The man shook his head. "Don't ever do that again. Getting carried away like that could put my revenge in a s*** heap. Hear me?"
    Jonathan nodded and clung to his shirt tightly. "I know. I'm sorry. It won't happen again."
    The man pulled away and pointed to his car. "Get in."
    Jonathan got in on the passangers side and looked at his lover excitedly. "What is it?"
    'Dark Knight' pulled out a laptop and opened it. He pointed to it. "Watch."
    Jonathan watched as a video played. His heart raced and his eyes filled with fear. "I-... I swear I wasn't going to do anything! I wasn't! I was just taking off his-."
    The man turned his body and slapped Jonathan across the face. "Don't you dare lie to me! I knew exactly what you were trying to do! Thank god he woke up! If he hadn't you would have done something!"
    Jonathan held his cheek and tears formed in his eyes. "No! I-I wasn't! I was just taking off his glasses! If I hadn't he would have probably woken up with a head ache and wouldn't have been able to try and solve my case!" He lied.
    The man replayed the video and shuved the laptop on Jonathan's legs. "Watch it! Watch it and tell me you weren't going to kiss him!"
    Jonathan looked down at the screen and watched as the camera the dark knight had probably set up in the window outside the living room caught the moment Jonathan had walked into the living room and saw Timothy laying on the couch, his glasses still on. Jonathan leaned forward and took of his glasses, set them down on the table and leaned even closer to Timothy's face. But Timothy woke up and Jonathan backed away.
    The man glared at Jonathan. "Tell me you weren't going to kiss him." He growled.
    Jonathan looked at his lover in fear. "I didn't know you had set up any camera's."
    The man growled and slapped Jonathan again. "You slut!"
    Jonathan sobbed and felt his cheek throb. "I'm sorry! I didn't know! I shouldn't have done it!"
    "D*** right! I'm keeping you now." He said turning the keys in the ignition and starting the car.
    Jonathan jumped. "What? But... I just started."
    The man pulled out of the parking lot and began driving in the apposite direction of Timothy's house. "I have what I need from that man. Now that you know how to access everything and you can get at his personal inforation on any regular computer I don't need you to stay with him. So, I'm taking you away. He won't ever see you again."
    Something about that mans words made Jonathan's stomach twist and tighten. Was it the way he was so harsh with them? Or was it the relisation that he won't be able to see his new Knight ever again. Not in person anyway. They'll watch him from the camera's our new character set up behind Jonathan's back.

    They pulled up to a large house and they walked in.
    The scent of roses filled Jonathan's nose and it made him almost smile.
    The man walked into the entertainment room with his lover and pointed to the coach.
    He sat down and watched the man walk away.
    Another man {The first man Jonathan had talked to yesterday} walked into the room and grinned wickedly at him. "Your in trouble, short stuff."
    Jonathan glared at him. "Shut up. I already got my punishment for it."
    The man laughed. "No. You didn't." He said walking away.
    Jonathan looked at the floor in fear and felt his stomach churn.
    The dark knight walked back into the room holding hand cuffs. "Bed room. Now."