• I took a sweat shirt and baggy sweat pants for him to wear, so people wouldn't see his cat ears or tail.
    He put them on quickly and we quickly made it to the park.
    I sat down on the bench and watched as he ran around excitedly.
    He giggled and saw a butterfly soar by his head. He gasped and clawed at it.
    It fluttered faster and went above his head.
    Shika grinned and jumped up, catching it by it's wings.
    I gasped and ran up to him. "Don't hurt it!"
    He looked at me confused as the butterfly between his caged fingers bumped into his skin. "But... It tried to bite me..."
    I blinked. "Bite you? No. Butterflies are harmless. They just fly around and drink flowers."
    He glared at me. "No. They bite people and have stingers. Your thinking of a bee."
    I burst into laughter. "What!? Your crazy! That's a butterfly." I laughed.
    He looked down at the harmless insect. "Huh...? It's not a bee?"
    I shook my head and stopped laughing. "No. It's not a bee. It's a butterfly. Let me see it." I say holding out my hand.
    He carefully held out his hand.
    I grabbed the poor thing by one of it's legs and brought it close to my face. "See? It's not going to bite me."
    Shika blinked.
    I held up my hand and let the butterfly go. "Shika, a bee is the one that stings and hurts people, but they don't try to. They're just deffending themselves or their homes. That's how bee's take care of each other. So when you see, what you thought was a butterfly, is really the mean bee, okay?"
    He nodded and looked at the floor in shame. "I'm sorry."
    I smiled and patted his head. "It's okay. Just don't hurt things that don't deserve it, okay? That's not fair to it."
    Shika nodded.
    I looked around. "Hmm... No bodies around still... What do you want to do?"
    He shrugged. "I dunno." He gasped and jumped in place. "I know, I know!"
    I watched him go up and down for about about three seconds before I sighed, getting annoyed. "What?"
    He giggled. "Hide and seak! Shika's good at that game!"
    I blinked. "Uhmm..."
    "Pleeeeaaase?" He begged, looking up at me and giving me the 'puppy' eyes.
    I felt my stomach tighten. "That's not going to work."
    His tail swayed and he tugged on my shirt, trying again. "Pleeeeease?"
    My eye twitched.
    He hugged my arm. "Please?"
    "Not working, Shika."
    He sniffled and nuzzled my arm. "But... But... I want to play. And... Shika wants to show Gabriel how good he is at the game."
    My cheeks burned and I looked away from him. "Grrrr."
    He whimpered. "Pleeeease!?" He asked putting his ears back against his head.
    I swallowed. "No."
    "But-," he sniffled, "... Shika wants to. Please, Gabriel? Shika will do anything."
    I sighed. "Fine! Just stop looking at me like that! Geez, kid!"
    He giggled and nuzzled my arm. "Yay~! Shika is happy now!" He pulled away and started running off towards a thickly bushed aread. "Count to ten!" He said over his shoulder.
    I sighed and covered my eyes. "One..."
    The noise of bushes ruslting gave it all away.
    I grinned. "Six."
    Wait... He doesn't know how to count...
    "Ten!" I say pulling my hands away and running to the bushes. I pushed the leaves away.
    Shika glared at me, his tail flickering. "You cheated."
    "You wouldn't have won sitting there anyway."
    He narrowed his eyes. "I would have too!"
    I smirked. "Oh really?"
    He nodded and stood up, leaves sticking in his hair and on his clothes, the hood of the sweat shirt was down. "Yeah!"
    I grinned wickedly. "I doubt that-."
    Shika jumped on me, pushing me to the ground with a loud oumph!
    I gasped.
    Shika had tears in his eyes and was glaring at me, his cheeks turning red.
    I shrank back. "Shika?"
    He grabbed my shirt tightly in his fists, pulling my face up.
    I gripped his arms. "Shika!?"
    A tear fell on my cheek. "Why would cheat?" He said quietly.
    "I'm sorry, Shika. I didn't know you would take is so personally." I say looking him in the eye.
    He snarled, revealing his sharp kenin's to me. "I do! How could you cheat!? Your just like him! He would cheat when we played this game too! Why are you so much like him!?" He burst.
    I blinked in horror.
    Me!? Like his Master!? No! That can't be true! I would never be so cruel to someone, even if I did pretty much hate everyone at first, but... I would never enslave cat people and beat them!
    He pushed my head down, slamming my skull against the dirt. "I hate you!"
    I yipped in pain and dug my nails deep into his skin.
    He lifted my head back up and slammed it against the ground again. "Why won't you leave me alone!?"
    I glared at him. "Shika!"
    He gasped and froze.
    I growled. "Let me go."
    He swallowed and slowly let his fingers loosen.
    I let his arms go. "I'm sorry if I remind you of that a**hole! But I'm not him! I'm nothing like him!" I shout.
    He stared at me in fear. "Gabriel..."
    I narrowed my eyes. "What?"
    He sobbed and tears fell down his cheeks again.
    I blinked, feeling pity fill my stomach. "Shika."
    He leaned down and hugged my chest tightly. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! I just got so angry when you cheated! I won't do that again! I promise!" He said through my shirt and quick gasps.
    I sighed and felt my head throb.
    He hugged me tighter. "Please don't kick me out of your house! I'm sorry!"
    I sat up, he still clung to me, and I rubbed his back. "I won't kick you out, Shika. Just... Tell me when I'm acting like him, so I can stop myself and keep you from crying and freaking out, okay?"
    He nodded and looked at me, his cheeks red, his eyes almost as red. "O-... kay..." He sniffled.
    I sighed and held the back of my head. "That really hurt..." I say smirking.
    He blushed even darker and looked down. "I'm sorry, Gabriel."
    I nodded. "It's okay. I shouldn't have cheated."
    I deserve that, I guess... But... Did it have to hurt so much?
    He hugged my neck tightly suddenly and sobbed. "Don't hate me, Gabriel!"
    I stiffened. "Shika?"
    He nuzzled my cheek and got tears on me. "Please, don't hate me!"
    I smirked and hugged him back. "I don't hate you, Shika."
    He sniffled and just sat there for maybe a minute, just hugging me tightly.
    I blinked. "Shika? Can you let me go now?"
    He didn't say anything, just he sat on me, breathing softly.
    I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed him away.
    His head hung and his body seemed lifeless.
    "Asleep...? Really!?" I boom.

    Carrying him home looked harder then it seemed at first. I thought it would be easy, since he looked so light. But he's not...
    I sighed and whiped the sweat from my forehead. "Dear god."
    He rolled over on his side and curled up into a ball, like he always did.
    I rolled my eyes and walked into the bathroom to wash my face.
    This kid is going to drive me crazy...
    I could smell my sweat on my clothes and I hung my head. "Great... I have to change too." I say taking off my shirt and throwing it on the floor.
    It didn't stink, but I was covered in sweat from the heat and the work out I got from carrying that dead weight outside the bathroom, sleeping.
    I slid off my pants and kicked them off my feet.
    Hmm... I wonder if I have anymore spare clothes to wear in here anymore...
    I open a cabnet under the sink, where I keep extra clothes to wear after I get out of the shower or whatever, and see that it's empty. I growled and slammed it shut. "Crap..."
    The door swung open. "Gabriel? Where'd ya-?"
    I jumped and spun around, my face red.
    Shika stared at me, his face going the same color as mine. "-Go..."
    I stood there, frozen, expecting him to run away and save me the embarassment, but no. He just stood there, like I was. Frozen.
    He looked over my half naked body and swallowed hard.
    I felt my heart race as I jumped into the shower and pulled the curtain in front of me. "Shika... Would you please get me some clean clothes?"
    The door closed and silence filled the room.
    S***! Why did he just bump in here like that!? He knows when I'm in here I'm either going to bathroom, changing, or taking a shower! Did he want to see me like this?
    I shook my head.
    No way! He's not like that!
    Well... He did kiss me that one day...
    That was an accident! He said so himself! So it doesn't count!
    Yes it does. He's the one that kissed you. So it counts.
    I blushed even deeper and clentched my fists. "He was just confused..." I tell myself.
    Shika opened the door and slowly put his hand in the shower. "Here..."
    I snatched the clothes and hesitated before saying something. "Thank you... Shika..."
    "Y-yeah... No problem..." He said. But he didn't go away. He just stood there again.
    I swallowed and started putting on my clothes.
    I cleared my throat. "Yeah?"
    "Are all human boys p***s's that big?" He asks shily.
    I froze and felt my heart kick. "Uh... I'm not sure..."
    He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.
    I felt my face get hotter than a burning hay barn and my mouth went dry.
    Why is he asking that!? Is that a normal question for boys to ask each other!? I'm so confused!