• Seeing the refreshing new light of the morning was a reminder of hope, a reminder that I'm still alive. I don't think I've ever been more thankful for life. But, something, a thought, kept resurfacing to the front of my mind. When I was hiding out, away from Zaroff, I saw a man. He probably knows about the General's "Game." He could easily mistake me for Zaroff. This could be a matter of life or death. Nah, Don't worry about it.
    After brushing off the negative thought, I went outside, to the forest. I started running through the trees, just to tour the island. I herd a low, quick "Peww~!" Then heard the juicy squish of the sniper's bullet shoving itself through the flesh of my back, then the crack of it hitting my spine. Falling to the ground, not knowing which hurt more, the numbness of my newly paralyzed legs, or the broken Vertebra. I heard someone running towards me. Was it the man? Or someone else. I decided to cry out for help, but no one answered, even though the unknown person was getting closer. I knew they heard me.

    I knew nothing could be done. I couldn't call for help, for I knew It would take too long for help to arrive, I'd bleed to death before then. I took the pistol out of it's holder, placed the end of the gun on the roof of my mouth and whispered to no one;
    "I guess Zaroff really won," and pulled the trigger.
    My whole body jolted at the sound of the crack of the skull. I knew I could feel my muscles tense and stiffen. As my limp body was lying, before escaping consciousness I thought, "should've done the temple."
    As I lay, my body loses blood and oxygen,
    Thinking about staying alive,
    Life, and colour fading from my eyes~
    I saw the light that everyone craved.